What Does this Picture Represent to You??????

candy wrappersDo you know what this picture represents?  If you answered ‘just’ Christmas candy, you probably do not have a child in your home with diabetes.  The knee-jerk reaction of any parent, who has a child with diabetes, on seeing this picture would be to find their child right away because they are probably dealing with a low blood sugar.

I have dealt with my own inner turmoil at the amount of ‘normal’ pictures, phrases, and every-day dealings that have taken on new meaning when diabetes entered our household.  So many things have become ‘diabetes-spun’ in my own head when I hear or see such things that I WELL KNOW mean something different to others.

Such is the case when we have been shopping and our child yells from the other end of the aisle, “I feel high, I need a shot.”  Yep, that turned a few heads.

Or the same scenario with the words, “Do you have a syringe, I left mine home.”  (smiling at the people in the store).

Or just while passing through the store and being by the maternity aisle when an eleven-year-old says ‘her pump’ is not working……..can cause a few raised eyebrows and throw in a few ‘tsk tsk tsk’s’ for good measure.   Ahhhhh timing is everything.

“Mom, my pricker doesn’t work.”

“You know too much sugar makes you high.”

Can you really see Wilford Brimley where you do not say in your head; “It’s not ‘diabetissss. it’s ‘diabeteeeze’ ?

Do words like rush, candy, high, low, sugar, sweets, recipes, donate, cure, research, and a whole list of other words immediately make you take pause with inner-reflection that THOSE words mean something to you that others would not even really HEAR?  I am sure they do.

What words or phrases have caused others to look at you with a raised eyebrow or what phrase do you hear that you wish…….well they didn’t mean anything…….but they do now that diabetes is in your home?  Share with us.

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Hi Tom, absolutely! I myself in public have been known to say ” sorry my daughter’s out of control when she’s high.” Usually I forget to explain this lol. Another thing I noticed is numbers. I can never see a 52 or a 37 without panicking then realizing nope that’s not a blood sugar. I’ve even tried measuring my own food by accident.

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