Take the Change—Make the Change—Lose to the Change. You?

changeEver have one of those days that you feel like the entire world is collapsing around you?  The feeling that no matter what you do, diabetes is just…..well……plain and simply put…..kicking your ass?   No matter what you try the numbers is locked into a high…..or a low…….you know that feeling?  You KNOW that feeling.

I have always found that no matter what life throws at us, and this includes dealing with diabetes day in and day out, the next day arrives.  In most cases another opportunity is given to make something ‘happen’.   You know that saying that when God closes a door he opens a window?  Yeah….well…..I never believed it.  Once the change came, it was mine to deal with.

I believe when a door closes it is up to each one of us to decide what to do next.  A magical door never opened in my life.  I have always believed that the harder you work, the luckier you are.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe in God and I believe there are some incredible things that happen to each of us.  I just do not believe that God sits on a throne with a majestically spiced wand bestowing good changes at different times saying you……….and now you.

I think, as I have been taught, that ALL things come from God.  God gave us life and I always felt He (humor me…I think He is a ‘he’ but I’m very open for discussion about the idea) has a lot more/better things to do than intervene on every single change in my life.  I just don’t think it works like that.

Our road has been a long one.  It has been a hard one.  In the early days we had nothing; and I mean nothing.  And one of us had to stay home almost since the day Kaitlyn was diagnosed at age two.  It got even harder.  Change was no choice.

Would I change any thing?

How many times do we ask that question?  Sure I would.  I would like no illness and all those I love still to be alive.  BUT it just does not work that way…..does it?  Life……is just that…….life.

I do know that no matter what is thrown at us, we will get through.  Because whatever change we have been given thus far, we got through.  We have all worked very hard not to be beaten.  And we won’t be.  We become the people who we are because of the things we go through.  When we fall we get back up.  When we are down, we move forward no matter what; because what choice do we have?  We have also laughed a great deal.  We have listened to music.  We have enjoyed the people around us.  And every now and again, I am guilty of dancing as if no one is watching.  Why not……right?

I know this; I’m the person who I am because of the things I’ve gone through and the only constant in everything is that I always moved forward.  And because of the things I have gone through, I have met the most incredible and wonderful people who any man has a right to know.  Truly wonderful people.

Someone once told me that if you can pick 5 true highlights in your life by counting on one hand; your life has been a full one.  I know this; I went through all of my fingers AND toes a long time ago.  My life is more than full.

So if life is getting you down, I can not just tell you to cheer up and it will all go away.  I can tell you that I have been down a long road in my 56+ years thus far and I surely hope and pray that I only just passed the half-way mark in my life.  Life is for the living and if you ARE living…’s up to you to make of what you have no matter how good…..or bad you think it is.

George Baily was not the only one with A Wonderful Life…………so are you.  But sometimes we have to look to make it that way…………right?

I am a diabetes dad.

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