A Crucial Diabetes Supply—-the Checklist…..Do You Use One????

checklistWherever and whenever you deal with diabetes supplies—the last important supply YOU SHOULD ALWAYS pack is a check list.  How many times have you gone to the school at the end of the school year to pick up the remaining supplies only to hear, “No that was not here.”?

Instant tension.

It’s not intentional but remember there are hundreds, if not thousands, of children in a school system.  Help them help you to avoid one’s word against another.  The last supply added should be a check list of everything enclosed.  When you pick up the supplies, of course juice boxes and edible items for lows would be diminished; but what about the spare meter, the extra 5 syringes, the bottle of insulin, pump supplies, and of course, the glucagon.

When we dropped off the items, we had 2 copies of the check list and we signed both and the school nurse signed both copies at the beginning of the year.  When we picked up the items, there was no question what should be ready to be picked up.  While we are at it……a call every two weeks to check if anything needs replenishing is not a bad thing either.

Same for when your child spends weekends away at someone else’s house.  You probably do not have to have the other person sign a sheet but you having a list with you will help you remember something when you pick up your child.  When visiting, we also would place our car keys attached to the diabetes bag; kind of hard to leave the bag behind in a rush if you have your car keys attached.

Just a couple of quick tidbits on keeping track of the supplies.  You go many places and do many things and a bottle of insulin here, and a meter there, and glucagon also—all of these left behind can not only cause grief but CAN GET a tad expensive also.

Plan ahead to avoid such hassles…… have enough on your plate…….right?

I am a diabetes dad.

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