I’m Sorry……….I just had NOTHING Else Inside Me Today.

IN MEMORYI have to tell you all; as those who share this journey with me.  I just could not write anything else today.  These three little faces have kept me up all night.  I understand how ALL OF THIS works.  I have been at this a long, long time with two kids living with diabetes.  But it just made no sense for me to write anything else today.  WE WILL DO something about this….we will continue what we started.

Forgive me for just not writing about something else today……it just was not in me.

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  • My family is soooo sorry about these 3 young lives. January 8, 2014 we lost our 36 year old son senselessly to diabetes because the pharmacy turned him away because his prescription expired and the next 2 days were holidays. We have been fighting ever since to raise the awareness about diabetes and people (esp children) dying needlessly because our healthcare system and in some cases state laws have let them down. That wording is being kind. We will fight with you side by side to raise the awareness and change the system. We have changed an Ohio law it should be signed in the Fall. We want to do more. Please contact me if you want. Our children did not want to die or worst they did not have to die!!!

  • Wendi Murray says:

    I have been so broken hearted and angry. We all have to have time to process this so feel absolutely free to do so. I have set in motion here in Alabama the process to bring a bill similar to Reegan’s Rule before Alabama’s Legislature. Uphill battle but I’ll get it done…our kids deserve it.

  • I am from Canada and was wondering how I go about finding what our protocols are.
    I would hate for this to happen again to anyone, anywhere. I hope our doctors test all extreme flu like symptoms with a simple finger blood test at least. Thanks for any information I can get.

  • Just to give you some of my history. I am a mother of two type one children and one that is not. My husband is also type 1. We have only had to experience the horror of DKA once with my daughter and hope it never happens again. We caught both of our kids very early in their disease with home finger tests. We knew the symptoms, so we were extremely lucky. I try to tell people the symptoms all the time, spread awareness!!

  • I’m a T1Der who has been fighting this battle for the past 15 1/2 years. I choose to believe that even though this is how the cards were dealt for me, it doesn’t mean I have to let this define me. I’ve recently started my profession as a clinical dietitian, and as I continue on this journey I know that this profession will be able to open so many more doors of opportunity for advocacy! These stories break my heart, but I absolutely agree with your thoughts behind these circumstances – it’s no one’s fault that it happened, but now that people know, it’s everyone’s responsibility to help prevent it from happening again. I’m thankful I had grandparents who noticed the warning signs with me and immediately approached my parents about this so that we wouldn’t lose anymore time getting me the help and care that I would need. They advocated for me and still do to this day. I just want to thank you, and all the parents/caregivers for that matter, for using your platforms to be advocates for your children. It truly does make all the difference. Thank you.

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