Your Child WILL GET SICK……It IS NOT Always Diabetes-Related!

sick-childI have written countless times on the missed diagnosis of T1D and will continue to do so.  I have warned that when someone is not used to diabetes, when it occurs, they may not know the signs including flu/virus-like symptoms.  But there is something very important that you, having a child with diabetes, should know as well.

In as much as diabetes plays such a role in your everyday life, know that the illness that your child may be feeling, may not be diabetes related at all.  Not everything is.  If your child is reaching adolescence know that their bodies will go through enormous changes.  The pains, the growing spurts, are all in the mix in this part of their lives.   If they have stomach pains, it very well may be the flu as well as keytones.

Until you could put a name or a label or most importantly; a diagnosis—-RULE NOTHING OUT.  Ear aches are not necessarily diabetes related nor is the tingling in their legs.  Headaches very well could be diabetes related as that blurry vision your child is complaining about.  It all may be temporary as well.

I don’t know how this happens but I can tell you from experience that Jill became an expert on knowing what was diabetes related and what was not.  She knew every breath that Kaitlyn took and also what Rob was going through when he was diagnosed as well.  She knew…..until she was wrong.

My point is that in my own biased manner, Jill was the best at knowing; more than anyone I have ever known.  But she was wrong at times also, so give yourself a break.  The self-blame game accomplishes nothing.  Be alert at all times and if you are fairly new in this diabetes world, trust me you will come to know quite a bit more than you do today.  Each time you will know more and more.

……….and at times you will be wrong as well…..and the sun will rise and set……onward.

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