This is Not a Story of Hillary Clinton…Well, Maybe a Little….Not Really.

HillaryDid I get your attention?  Good.   When I was involved in government, I worked for the highest ranking official in my town.  It was years ago of course but I remember that during an election, folks involved in air-tome (radio and television) were required to give opposing candidates equal tome.  If a story was done on Candidate A for 2 minutes and 49 seconds, one would do the same for Candidate B.

It is, sort of, with that thought process in my head that I follow-up yesterday’s story bearing Mr. Trump’s image, with a story today regarding Hillary Clinton.  (My disclaimer) I’m by no means implying nor endorsing either one as the presidential candidate for/of their party.

A while ago Mrs. Clinton gave a speech and used a phrase that I think is also very applicable to our community.  It garnered many conversations.  One part of it stated, “… takes all of us.  Yes, it takes a village….”.  Many people commented on my article yesterday about how; we all need to be involved, or how hard it is to be involved, or how just living with diabetes is enough to maintain; and all would be correct.

But furthering Mrs. Clinton statement of THAT village, I ask if not that village; than who?  You see a village is made up of many facets and aspects.  For those in the village who cannot maintain it, for whatever reason,  it ‘s up to the rest of the village to carry what is needed to get the job done.  Whatever that entails.  Because if the village does not help itself… needs to ask, who will?

So I first need to say thank you to all those who do so much.  YOU are the ones making our village work.  There are super-powers out there who give and do all the time, but there are also those who hang an education poster, because THAT IS ALL THEY CAN DO…..and you know what, that’s fine.

But we must continually ask ourselves, “…what more can I do….to help our village….”.  Because if we stop asking, the chances are that no one else will care like we do.  This diabetes world is OUR VILLAGE……we can do all we can to educate, empower, and thrive to make it work……and if it’s within our strength to ‘not do nothing’, well we need to do just that………but the only one who can answer that question honestly……is each of us.  Because at the end of the day NO ONE will take care of our ‘own village’…..more than us.  Thoughts?

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