This is NOT a Story of Donald Trump….Well, Maybe a Little….Not Really.

Donald TrumpDid I get your attention?  Good. I do not want to get political here but to make a very interesting point……and to utilize that point in our diabetes community.  If you look around the media/public/online world as a whole, as a general rule, it’s safe to say that the majority of information and comments able to be read/seen/heard about Mr. Trump are not flattering—this statement is more of an observation than anything else.  If we agree to that point, we can continue.

Again, and bear with me, my comments today are not a reflection of Mr. Trump but rather to ask a question.  Let’s assume for this discussion, I’m just speaking of those reactions in his own political party: if it’s as I stated, why aren’t the election/polling numbers matching the number of adverse comments?  That’s not the questioned to be answered either.  Again, bear with me.  I’m NOT REALLY asking about Mr. Trump, but rather to make a point.

My point is, as my mother taught me, because something is important to you, does not stand to reason that it’s important to others.  Just as what people say and people are doing in Mr. Trump’s world do not match up as in Mr. Trump’s results (thus far), these thoughts make me ask; are the things we seek and believe we see as important in the diabetes community really NOT what everyone feels as important?  Are the feelings and/or actions, and/or lack of action taken, reflecting the feelings of the larger number of those interested in our situation?

As I watch elections and exit polls, and strategic polls, one after another, I keep asking myself; why do those numbers not match what we are seeing/reading/hearing about this man?  Is there a lesson for us as we all continue the efforts of education, inquiry, and even fund-raising in the diabetes community?

Here is a thought.  Let’s say that there are about 3 million people (JDRF’s number) people with T1D; and we say there are two parents who care about this child.  That means there are 9 million people out there who care greatly about what happens in the lives of these people, including themselves.  If you add just grandparents, that number swells to 21 million people.  Do you feel that there are 21 million people in this world pushing any/all agendas dealing with T1D?  The fund-raising, the education, the awareness……how many are ‘involved’?

THAT IS THE QUESTION I ask today.  My article is NOT ABOUT Donald Trump but rather, what we see in our everyday diabetes world may not be the consensus of how people really feel.  Maybe the majority of people who have T1D, or a loved one with T1D, just do not want to be involved but rather just live their lives as close to normal as possible.  And THAT NORMAL INCLUDES not being involved……….anywhere in diabetes’ causes, but just living.  Are they wrong to feel/act in such a way?

Are we a power of 21 million people……..or anywhere near that number?  Should we be?   What are your thoughts (just do not use this time for political comment—-that’s NOT the point)?

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