A Little Girl Who Lost a Battle……..But in Her Name, the War Will Be Won……On Her Birthday.

Hailey faceToday is my birthday.  I am one blessed man.  For 58 years (I know, you thought I was much younger—-okay so lie, it’s my birthday) I have walked this earth and have met the most incredible people.  I AM ONE LUCKY guy.  My wish, as I blow out my birthday candles today will remain the same as it has been for over 24 years…..a cure for my daughter, my son, and all those like them.

But my birthday will mean something more moving forward.  Even after 58 years, we can be directed and redirected on this journey.  It changed last week.

Because last week,  I spoke with Vanessa.

Vanessa is a soft-spoken woman who lost her daughter, Hailey, just shy of her 11th birthday, when her type one diabetes symptoms were missed.  That was/is a horrible event that took place just over a year ago.  But Vanessa and her family are a family that believe that Hailey’s life, as short as it was, can have a huge impact on this world.

And she most assuredly will.

She has talked to Darice, Little Reegan’s mommy; and she is deciding whether it be; a law, an initiative, and/or a movement to instruct parents about diabetes awareness will be undertaken in Hailey’s memory.

I was on the phone with Vanessa for a long time last week.  I ask you, if Vanessa and her family are looking to do something meaningful to make sure what happened to them does not happen to others in her daughter’s name; who are we to sit idle?  Not that all of us are sitting idle but surely many more could do more to help.

So I’m inspired by those who have lost so much, so much more than I ever hope to, and continue to look for ways to endure the future and at the same time help others; others they will never know nor ever meet.  I get so much strength from these people.  How they continue is beyond me; and so inspiring to me at the same time.

As I closed my conversation with Vanessa she shared that Hailey would have been twelve this year.
“What date.”
“May 5th; Cinco de Mayo.”


Yeah I know that date.  And now my birthday will always be shared with a young lady who will send me a butterfly each year (a favorite thing we birthday-buddies share), and I saw one this morning, to remind me that more work needs to get done.  Hailey sent it to me to remind me, message received.  And I pledge to you Hailey, we will get this done in your name, and the name of others, because we owe that to you.

Happy Birthday in heaven sweetie.

Love, your birthday buddy.

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