A Mom with a Newly Diagnosed Child…….Teaches an Important Reminder

MomI had the chance to speak to a new mom.  Well she is not a new mom, but a new mom where diabetes has become the new normal.  Let’s just call her ‘S’.  ‘S’ asked me to call her because she had questions about her nine-year-old who was diagnosed only a few weeks ago.  She may have called to ask whatever advice she thought I may share, and yet, it was she that taught me a very important….re-lesson.

I COULD HAVE ONLY WISHED I had the wisdom ‘S’ had when Kaitlyn was diagnosed over 22 years ago.  She is wise beyond someone who is just so new at the entire situation.  So new and she has learned the denominator that will keep her entire family going in the toughest times.

She asked me, “We tackle things as a family here.  Everything.  We have each other’s back and we do it with a good deal of humor.  Humor only we would understand.  Humor that I wonder if it is…….okay?”


What a reminder.  There are situations that are broken with humor/laughter that only the people involved need to get.  One of the largest heroes in my life is my sister JoAnne.  I have mentioned her before and I am not telling you this for any other reason but you understand.  My sister has been severely attacked by MS.  From her neck down is nonfunctioning.  But her mind is as sharp as a razor.  She loves to laugh and anytime I feel sorry for my self for any reason, I remember that I have never heard JoAnne complain…….ever….EVER….NOT ONCE.

Every time I see her, I say the same thing.  I won’t share it because it is ours and will stay ours.  But it makes us both smile.  No one would understand, and we do not care whether they understand.  It breaks my heart when I think of how she used her body in a gymnast manner growing up, the way she could bend or jump, and now her own body has become her enemy.  BUT if JoAnne does not want anyone to feel sorry for her, humor helps us through it, I will abide by her wishes when I am around her.  I wish you could all meet her…..you would love her like we do.  She is electric, and she is the ‘go to’ person when it comes to movie trivia.  She laughs like no one else.

So when “S” asked me if humor was okay, in the manner she handles diabetes; I say you go girl, and your entire family as well.  Does “S” cry when she is alone, does her husband?  Bet on it that they do, but to attack this disease by learning all you can and somehow find the humor, or to use humor so your kids can understand it better and accept it better…………………is such an amazing thing to learn so soon after diagnosis.

Have you found the use of laughter in daily struggles???—-PLEASE SHARE with all of us.

I am going to bet that “S” and her family will be just fine.  It’s a good reminder for all of us.  She taught me, again.  “S” was MY hero yesterday.  When was the last time you found something to laugh about?  Is diabetes funny?  Not in one iota.  But using humor in how you handle some aspects of diabetes, as in anything in life, just may be something worth thinking about.  Try it.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Brag…….Go Ahead……I Dare You……BRAG ABOUT YOUR CHILD!!!!!!

BragOn this day, let pride win.  Instead of feeling the hurt, the pain, the grief over diabetes being in the life of your child, why not choose NOT TO GIVE IT SO MUCH attention—-just on this one day.  Brag about your child.  Be proud.  Brag to us all……about anything.

Choose the fact that your child went to practice today to play a sport they love.

Choose the fact that your child rehearsed for the school play today, because they love to sing and/or act.

Choose the fact that they checked their own blood sugar.

Choose the fact that they played with their friends.

Choose the fact that they went o a full day of school.

Choose that they made you or a family member laugh or smile.

Choose that they were playing with your pet today.

Choose that they told you they loved you.

Choose that they did something without being asked.

Choose that on this day……you decided that diabetes should just not be in the spotlight.  Even if they went low or high, choose to celebrate that they bounced back and got back ‘into whatever they were doing’.

Just for today….do not let diabetes remind you how much it can do, choose to let diabetes know what it won’t do……………………just for today.  Feels good….don’t it?

Try it again tomorrow……..three days in a row you will have a pattern.  But……it…..begins…..with today.

Choose.  What will you choose to brag about????……..PLEASE SHARE.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Putting you Child in a Bubble; You Will Get What You Seek.

boy bubble Turning down every chance you’re given.
Takes the risk out of life, but friend
How the hell can you call that livin’?
Out There—from the Broadway Musical, Barnum

I have been thinking a lot about the pathways our children will take.  As I reported the news on Ryan Reed’s huge victory this weekend in Daytona, I could not help but wonder what it was like in his house growing up.  How often do we tell our child ‘no’ on something?  How do you think that played out in the Reed household.

“Hey ma, I’m thinking at traveling at speeds over 200 miles per hour to be the first across a waved checkered flag.  But don’t worry about my diabetes.”

Right? I’m thinking the same thing.

We as parents are always faced with two decisions; yes….and no.  Pretty simple right?  Of course not and any parent will tell you that there are so many decisions that do not come with any ease whatsoever.  We labor over decision after decision.  We labor on the right and the wrong?  We labor until it pains our hearts to allow our kids the platform to grow and expand their horizons.

But do we?   And THAT is the question we must ask ourselves before we answer anything else.  Are WE the ones who hold our kids back for fear of what COULD happen.  And why?  What is the worst that could happen to them.  They fail?  They get hurt?

Why get a driver’s license ever (much less be a professional racecar driver)?  Why Ski?  Why mountain climb?  Why play sports?  The answer of course is simple, because they want to; that’s why.

And that simple answer is the toughest call we make every and singe day.  Robert Kennedy once said; “Some men see things as they are and a why, I dream things that never were, and ask why not?”

You can find a thousand excuses not to do something, but you only need one good reason to do the same thing.   Your kids deserve that thought process.  Think about it.

I am a diabetes dad.

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The Oscar, for Their Role as a Person with Diabetes…..Hmmmmm. Fantasy???

oscarAs I watched the Oscars tonight, I am sure I was not the only one who was struck boldly by the winners of Best Actor and Best Actress.  It might be that I am so linked to the diabetes community but I had two distinct feelings.

Fabulous.  And; when will see diabetes?

In case you did not know, Eddie Redmayne won his Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Stephen Hawkins in The Theory of Everything depicting his decline in health due to ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Julianne Moore followed up with a Best Actress Oscar in Still Alice; a revealing look at a woman’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Very compelling performances, both.  Two devastating diseases highlighted and recognized.    Wow!

What would the movie be like, of a parent or an individual battling T1?  How would a movie maker proceed to show a side that no one knows; in a compelling and complete story-telling presentation?  It cannot just be a film that resonates with us, but with the general public as well.  What do you think?  Could it be done?

The real problem with film making is that it may seem like it is important to some people but it MUST be presented in such a manner that resonates with the public as a whole.  How can that be done?

Before you answer, you need to remember the many sides when diabetes is presented.
Online initiatives and commercials are many times met with opposing view points.  Too rough for our children to see, my kids should not see the complications, and we need to protective our kids so they do not to see ‘this’; are just some comments that have come forward—I am NOT stating if they are right or wrong, that is up to each individual.  But I am asking to now imagine an entire movie dedicated to this disease.  Would we as a community embrace it?

It’s a question that came to my mind as I pondered the possibilities.  How would we react to a film that told the brutal truth to this disease; would we be willing to let people see the truths we deal with on a daily basis?  Could we as a community…….’put it out there’?  They say, in Hollywood, to be impactful it all has to be out there on a limb.

I could not answer that as I thought about it and I am interested to hear what you have to say about it.

Find a way to make a film both truthful and where the diabetes community would embrace it, knowing that it would be a rough film to make compelling enough that 2 people who have no connection to diabetes would pay $23 dollars to see it on a Friday night….think it can be done?

Let me know your thoughts and should we find agreement, we can move to……lights, camera…………………….action.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Ryan reed wins In a stunning move during the last lap, 21-year-old Ryan Reed, a person with diabetes, took the lead and kept it to cross the checkered flag at the Daytona 300 Xfinity Nationwide Series late today.  In a race that had many collisions including one that landed Kyle Busch into the hospital with a leg injury after a crash; Mr. Reed survived all and became the victor in today’s race.

That is correct; you see the name Lilly on the hood of that car speeding to victory.  Ryan and the folks at Lilly, have been working together for some time inspiring so many others who have diabetes, that they can do anything.  Dexcom is a partner with Ryan as well.

And now Ryan’s message will change from you can even race at Daytona with diabetes to: You can WIN AT DAYTONA WITH DIABETES.

Ryan ReedI have been with Ryan quite a few times and he is one incredible role model; he works hard and now he can savor in victory.  CONGRATULATIONS RYAN, LILLY, AND ALL INVOLVED….TAKE THAT diabetes…..indeed.

I am a diabetes dad.

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