One Thing Tips the Entire Scale…..Don’t you agree?

scaleRecently we were having a discussion in our house about all of our definition of a cure.  In the midst of the discussion, Kaitlyn stated that she has had diabetes for so long (20 of 22 years) that she would find it odd not to have it.

Now this may surprise you, but that got me to thinking.  Never before could one single outcome change our entire lives.  Although we certainly have friends who do not have a child with diabetes, others have come and gone in our life since diagnosis…..and in our life; times two.

conversely (sort of) would all of the good be traded in for a single outcome as well.  Think about it.  How many people are in your life now that would not be there if your child, or yourself, was diagnosed?  Think of your connections with charity events, boards, education, online community, friends, good friends, spouse (yes people have dated and even married due to meeting through the diabetes community); and yet just one single outcome would tilt the scales completely.

Imagine all of the great things that have occurred because we are in a community we ever would have signed up to be par  That one thing was no diabetes at all.  I have met incredible, I mean INCREDIBLE people on this journey.

Would I have traded it all for my kids not to have diabetes.  Would I trade being part of the initial group that worked long and hard when I was a staff member at JDF (now JDRF) and created what is now the Walk to Cure Diabetes; would I trade being in front of Congress, NY State Assembly and even the United Nations discussing ways to help; would I trade the incredible opportunity to be at dLife; would I trade this absolutely astounding D.O.C.: would I trade being such a huge part of the CWD family; would I trade the countless of incredible encounters with incredible people to celebs to elected officials; would I trade the people who I have come to love; Would I have traded the work I have done with the LIONs Club gaining ADA accreditation for our local hospital and also educating over 20,000 kids annually about diabetes, would I trade the most incredible and dedicated people in the world at the DRI where I am employed who are the most focused in curing this disease forever and there is a whole lot more that would be up on the consideration lis: would I trade ALL OF THIS for one single item–to have never been part in the first place?

In a New York Second.

I love everything and everyone in our lives; but I wish I was never here.  But I do not live my life in what could have been, I live my life it what is.  And what is, is our life with diabetes times two (and now times thousands because of everyone I now know). 

We will beat this disease.  And after we do, I will have all of these great friends who I love so much in a world without diabetes.  And that means you.

I am a Diabetesdad. 

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What is Your Question?????……the DOC is Here to Help.

The last week has taught me a very valuable lesson.  So many people responded to the questions I asked and many more parents were grateful for the input.

We, as parents, have an incredible resource available to us.  As I read many private and public replies, emails, and private messages I have learned that many parents have questions and do not want to be public with their questions.

I know that there are so many in the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) who want to help because their experiences have been there.  SO here is what I am proposing.  If you have any question that you would like to see addressed, no topic is off limit, email me at

At different times I will post the question for people to reply via my blog.    Now that means you will have to trust me to keep your name distant from the question and confidential; I can assure you that those who know me will let you know that I can keep that to myself.  My only interest is in helping.  

Also know that these answers will help to only guide you, medical questions MUST BE ANSWERED by those who are professional and in the know….this is a guide on what others have done to solve what yo may be facing now. 

WHO has the problem is nowhere near important as helping solve the problem… will have to trust me on this.  So if you have a question, email me and at different times I will get it out to the DOC.  In the subject like just write the words ‘a question’. 

We will try to get to as many as we can but the SOC is a fabulous resource—-it should be used and sometimes anonymity is what is needed, and I will be glad to be the go-between and help get your questions answered without letting any personal information get out.

Let’s help each other.

I am a diabetes dad.