ME: B….B…B…But YOU can’t Do That, You have Diabetes.

Worried faceI remember when Kaitlyn was first diagnosed and the only thing that interest me was finding a cure and making sure her daily management was taken care of in the correct manner.

That changed.

It changed because our kids are also kids.  Their goals in life need to be our goals in life.  Never forget that point.  The recital, the good grades, the first goal scored, the starting position on the school team, the first job, the obtaining of a driver’s license, and so much more are crucially important. 

Do not minimize the success of your child because you are so focused on their diabetes.  Important?, you bet.  However so is the prom, so is becoming a class officer, so is going out with your friends.

One of those goals, when Kaitlyn was younger was to have the freedom to walk to the deli with her friends.  I had so much anxiety over her going to the deli and what she would buy that I lost focus on what she was really asking.  She wanted the freedom to just be with her friends. 

It took us a few times to realize that the ‘deli pickle’ was a great choice.  Soon her girlfriends were buying the same.  But the pickle was the easy part….but it took a while for me to see it.  It was ‘letting go’ and allowing her to ‘go to the deli’ like millions of other kids around the world.

Once we realized that point, we understood those choices more.  Still not easy to ‘let go’ but not making it “about diabetes” every time and making it about goals and growing up kept a healthier relationship.

They can cross “THAT” street…….even with diabetes; but you have to let them.  What was the first thing you let your child do?   Let us know.

I am a diabetesdad.

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