What If Insulin Was Not Available at ALL??? To Some it’s a Harsh Reality.

Rose Spare a Rose---Save a childIn today’s climate where any opinion seems to be a wrong opinion……….to someone; would you like to do something to feel just a little better inside?  I think we all could say, “I wish I had a little more.”  “Life would just be a tad easier if…….”  I think we all have said that at some time or another and, perhaps, some even say it today.  What I DO KNOW without a doubt is that there are children in this world who will go to bed tonight and not know if there will be an insulin shot waiting for them tomorrow…….to stay alive

Sort of puts much into perspective doesn’t it?

In 2013, some members of our very own diabetes community came up with a wonderful idea called “Spare a Rose, Save a Child“.  Simply put; this year for Valentines’s Day, spare one rose, give one less, and send the cost of JUST THAT ONE ROSE ($5.00) to help a child get what they need dealing with their diabetes.

Did you know that just $5.00 could be a month of insulin for one child?  Well, it can be.
In fact 1 Rose= $5.00 enough for one month
2 Roses=$10.00 enough for 2 months
3 Roses=$15.00 enough for 3 months
…..and so on.

So think about it.  It’s my opinion that you will feel pretty good about doing so………I ‘m pretty sure that’s an opinion all would be in agreement.  Click here……make a difference. Spare a Rose, Save a Child.

I am a DiabetesDad.
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Valentine’s Day…….Ladies You are NOT off the Hook for Flowers. :)

Rose Spare a Rose---Save a childI always thought that Valentine’s Day was the biggest flower day of the year.  I was told this by a shop owner; “Everyone had a mother, not everyone has a sweetheart.”

And there you go.

This year I need to talk to everyone about Valentine’s Day.  And I want you to think real hard about this; what is the cost of a dozen roses?

$100?  $80?  $25? Depending where you buy them, roses can be as expensive or relatively inexpensive which allows for every income to allow you to give something to your sweetheart each year on the 14th of February.

Very few ladies are let off the hook each year and this year I am hoping to challenge women as much as men………you ready?

How great would it be for you to take the cost of one rose, one flower, and help children in the world who have diabetes.  The Spare a Rose Save a Child campaign does exactly that.  According to the International Diabetes Federation: “…..lack of access to insulin is the most common cause of death for children with diabetes in many countries around the world. In fact, in some parts of the world, the estimated life expectancy of a child who has just developed diabetes could be less than a year.”  Wow, right?

Sure everyone has it tough at times but a $5.00 donation can go a long, long way.  Click any of the links, or the picture above, make a donation, and do one of two things:  Give your Valentine 11 roses and tell her that you made a donation for the twelfth in her honor to help kids stay alive; and if you receive flowers, make a donation for the cost of just one of them—–in honor of the one who gives them to you.

Do it either way.  Do it both ways.  Children win.  Kids who have nothing in the line of diabetes supplies…….win.  Flowers will indeed wilt away……but your gift will be ongoing.  It will make the holiday just a bit better because you will feel good about doing something so positive.  Five or ten bucks………make a difference.
Spare a rose, save a child.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Dear Valentine………..A Child’s Life Over a Rose……Is that Okay this Year??????

Rose IDFDear Valentine,

I was pondering whether to give you roses this year and all I kept thinking is; but roses die.  Sure they will look good for a little while, but roses die.

Surely I could find a better way to spend some money than just giving something already cut, and already dying. 

Surely we are both beyond the limit in our sensitivity to diabetes.  The impact in our lives has been earth shattering,  But yet, what we go through is nothing compared to other regions of the world that a diagnosis can also mean a death sentence.  Some countries are THAT FAR behind in caring for their own people.

Roses are pretty, but roses die.

I hope it’s okay with you, Valentine, but this year I’m going to allow the roses meant for you to stay implanted in the ground and donate the money to help a child who is not as lucky as ours.  Every five dollars donated translates to one month of insulin for a child in need.

It’s a simple program called Spare a Rose, Save a Child.  No one should die from not having insulin and the International Diabetes Federation will take our donation and make sure that insulin helps those children in need.  Anyone can do it, just by clicking right here.
Let’s hope others give a simple $5 as well.

A rose does not have to die, and neither should a child.    Please help today.

Happy Valentines Day.

I am a diabetes dad.

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