They Go Through the Bad as Well……..WITH Diabetes.

Flip sideWhen is enough, enough?  It just seems to me that the resilience and positive-ness of our kids gets tested time and time again………and again.  Our kids, sometimes, seem to bounce-back from almost anything.  I once wrote an article that referenced the fact that all of the accomplishments are our kids have done, always seem to come with an asterisk; because they accomplished whatever they did, all while having diabetes.

That is an important fact to remember while they achieve such wonderful things in their lives but there is a flip-side to this as well.  Unfortunately, the flip-side can also impact their blood sugar as well as their psyche.

I am speaking of more than getting through the flu, or an illness that comes and goes.  I am speaking of hardships.  We must always remember that the hardships our children go through also come while they are dealing with diabetes.  Spouses/partners should know this about their mates with diabetes as adults as well.

The loss of a job, the operation that goes wrong, the miscarriage, getting ‘cut’ at tryouts in school, school-in-general-and-everything-that-goes-with-it, dealing with a death or tragedy, failing at something, being diagnosed with an additional ailment (celiac jumps out at me but there are more), and anything else that is part of life–for those with diabetes is different from those without.

The impact is different, the caring for is different, and we (all of us who care and love those who have diabetes) must be cognizant of this fact…….always.

My article today, is but a mere reminder.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Voices to be Heard…….This One Will Make You Think!!!!

megaphonePlease read each one of these, I have copied them exactly as written:

“Nobody should have to go into a bathroom to……”

“………you don’t want your kids seeing that because you have the daunting task of explaining…..”

“……She could have taken him to the car……”

“…….find it irritating to read many of these moronic comments……
…….It’s sad and downright pathetic that too many others can’t get it,……”

“…….. Do you see the DIFFERENCE? Don’t just spew out nonsense if you don’t actually know how it works…..”

:……..You know whats awesome about this topic? That none of your ignorant opinions matter…..”

“Lord help the person who says an unkind word to me for……..”

“…….There is no waiting when you have a crying hungry/scared………”

“……..this shouldn’t even be an issue……”

“ I’m so sad reading these ignorant comments. No one as a country we suck when it comes to………”

“What a sad world & pitiful society.”

‘……… and it is your right to cover your face if you can’t deal.”

“She was in her car waiting for police to arrive the article states. Would the officer rather she…….”

“Your insensitivity is exactly what I am talking about (name of person), thank you for demonstrating for me.”

These comments were taken from a FB conversation last night.  Do the comments look familiar?  Diabetes?  No.  They are all regarding breast-feeding in public.  The point is that there are many, many issues in the world; many, many great voices out there; and many, many worthwhile causes.

Here is something everyone can do; go to Get Diabetes Right (click) on FB and place the posters YOU LIKE in the area where you live.  Don’t just do nothing!!!!!

To our government leaders, our friends, the media, the public, and anyone else who we want to hear us.   How loud do you think we need to be; to be heard?  Think about it.

I am a diabetes dad.

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The Conference Made For College Age and Young Adults—–SHOULD NOT BE MISSED!!!!!!

SWD   Click this picture to see highlights about a conference that any and every young adult SHOULD NOT MISS.  Students With Diabetes ( is dedicated to creating a community and connection point for young adults with diabetes ages 18-30 on both college campuses and in local communities across the country.  The national network includes education, programs and opportunities for young adults living with diabetes to facilitate their transition into this life stage and help foster personal, social and professional development to ensure a successful life with diabetes.  Students With Diabetes was created as part of the Bringing Science Home project of USF Health, directed by Nicole Johnson, and supported by a generous gift from The Patterson Foundation. (Supplied from their website).

Every year SWD holds their annual conference. The 2014 Students With Diabetes National Conference will be held in Tampa, Florida from Friday, June 6 through Sunday June 8, 2014.  They have created an amazing schedule highlighting the latest in technology, research, great speakers who will help us learn new ways to manage our diabetes and many opportunities to connect with other young adults living with T1D and have lots of fun.

Just  $95.00 pays for the conference, the hotel, most of your meals, and I hear through the grapevine that actor Jim Turner is giving his one man show (an incredible event that will make you howl, gasp, and realize YOU ARE NOT ALONE—Jim has T1 and he calls it EXACTLY how it is).  Jim Turner’s one man show is a must-see for anyone living with diabetes.

If this is YOU:
* Young adults living with diabetes between the ages of 18 and 30(ish)
* Type-3′s or the significant others, friends or family members (ages 18-30(ish)) of a person living with diabetes
* Young adults living with diabetes that want to network with other T1D’
* Young adults living with diabetes that want to learn about the latest diabetes research and technology
* Young adults living with diabetes that want to new and unique ways to manage their diabetes
*  Young adults living with diabetes that want to have fun in a safe environment

This is a MUST weekend.  Click here for details——DO NOT MISS THIS INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY.

And please share this link with anyone and any sites that have T1 young adults from 18-30(ish) that you know.

I am a diabetes dad.

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WHEWWWWWW…….Glad THAT Family Holiday Gathering is Over!!!! Sound Familiar?????

whewIs that what you said when the day ended yesterday.  If Easter is a holiday in your house; did you find your self saying last night, “WHEW!!!!–another holiday and relatives done; with diabetes?  Thank goodness.”  Did you say that?

I remember clearly that holidays used to always add that added stress which was twofold.  1. Watching everything and anything that was within grasp tat would be/could be eaten.  2. What would someone say that would just make me cringe and grab the chair with my fingernails?  Being shown another article about what we had done wrong.  Another cure in spices found in China.  Another conversation asking if Kaitlyn was any closer to ‘growing out of’ diabetes.

So what changed?  We learned over the years that most questions (emphasis on MOST) came out of genuine concern, and/or caring.  Sometimes you have to look beyond the words and understand the meaning.  In many cases, I have learned in the 21+ years we have been to parties, family gatherings, and get-togethers that whatever is said is said in concern and/or the nervousness of not knowing what to say.  In most cases it falls into these two categories.

Once this is understood, we were better off and so will you.   Even if it is said a hundred times and you answer the same way a hundred times, I have found, it is concern or just not knowing what to say.  Hard to believe but I have found it to be true.

I could be wrong.  But in our circumstance, I was not.

Here is the exciting part, now the ball is in your court.  You are the one who can decide how the statements impact you.  You know it is coming, it comes in every gathering.  I decided to not answer the same way…….but answer the same way.  When asked, “Will she grow out of it?”—-for the millionth time if I just got angry and stated ‘no’; I decided to try changing it up.  “Let me answer your question with a question, do you think she will grow out of it?”

I said this in a perfect conversational mode and the answers were bountiful, but each time it resulted in more of an education than me just answering ‘no’.  I also knew that the conversation should not be a long one and it wasn’t.  In almost every case I was not asked again.  It worked.

So instead of answering; “…….unlike you; where there is a cure for stupid…..”, (which I wanted to do AND often) I found a better way to answer.

There are so many family gatherings and get togethers and I just did not want to go through ANOTHER ONE where my stomach did flip-flops until the time I left.  Now this article today will not all of a sudden make it better for you; but start trying a few things instead of just getting angry next time you are together with family.

We live with enough day-to-day stress living with diabetes………visiting family SHOULD NOT be one of them.  Try it in the future and let me know; and if YOU DO SOMETHING NOW please share your helpful hint as well.

And if there is THAT in-law who IS JUST BEING MEAN; well ‘bop’ them in the nose to get your point across.  That will add more stress but you’ll feel better in the short-term.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Happy Easter—Happy Spring. A New Beginning Can Start…………..Now.

Easter Flower crossEaster.  My faith tells me that on this day my Lord and Savior not only died for us, but rose from the dead.  It is the basis for all we believe.  To me, I have always felt that Easter was a newness for everyone.  If not the holiday itself, but because of the season it happens; Spring.

Not everyone has the commonality of my faith, but Spring does spring eternal and with everything coming to life after a long, cold winter the season comes with ‘this newness’ to start over again, doesn’t it?

So I decided to ask you today; how do you start over again?  I jump out of bed practically every morning knowing that the day brings with it, something exciting that I have yet to find.  Well not every day, as we all know that life’s ups and downs can impact us one day to the next.  But most days, this is how I approach the start of expectations.

But we cannot possibly live life as if the world around us crumbles… least not live like that every day.  At least, I hope we don’t.  A million times I have stated the line from Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy living, or get busy dying”.  But when you are at the crossroads….what do YOU DO to be positive?  What do you do in the morning that says, “Enough!”?  What do you do when it is time to begin again…..for your family…..for yourself?

So for Easter being tomorrow, and the Spring days ahead if you believe differently than I, please share with those who just cannot shake the pitfalls of diabetes; share what you do to begin again.  To begin over again for the millionth time, to look through fresh eyes, to bloom in positive-ness; what do you do?

Please share so others can take that step.  Happy Easter and Happy Spring everyone.

I am a diabetes dad.

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If You Know Someone Who Needs to Smile This Easter Season……Share This!!!!!

BunniesClick the picture of a very short video.

Enjoy it and share this with people who need to smile during this Easter Season.

Happy Easter!!!!!!

I am a diabetes dad.

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Easter Baskets…….OMG: WHAT DO I DO ABOUT EASTER BASKETS??? Relax…..Easy as a Bunny Hop!!!!!!

Easter BasketThe Easter Basket.  If you feel a little tingle of nerves in your stomach because this is your first Easter Basket with diabetes………relax.  Today’s article provides a few ideas and I am going to ask those with experience to jump in here as well and add what they do; so you have choices on what YOU CAN do on Easter morning.

In our house, after Kaitlyn was diagnosed with diabetes, we made a few adjustments.  What you need to know here is that I am my father’s son when it comes to holidays.  My dad, God bless his soul, would take holidays like Easter and Christmas and take them out of the stratosphere on the amount of ……well…….everything that his six kids would get.  My mom and dad were the living examples of doing without, so their kids could; period.

Easter was no different.  Our baskets looked like the candy department at Woolworth, (ask your parents they’ll tell you).  Peeps, chocolate, malted eggs, jelly beans, marshmallow chocolate covered eggs and bunnies, and the biggest chocolate rabbit you have ever seen with a candy eye of blue for us boys and pink for the girls with a matching bow around their neck (which we ate around until it was the last piece when we would remove the bow and pop the last piece in our mouth.  Every year.

Well our kids got the same treatment.  Well on October 26th, 1992 that had to change in our house.  And when Easter rolled around my panic was obvious.  “I need to do this or there would be no tradition.”   Ridiculous thought as that was, I had it.

Another reminder here is that this is pre-pump days and all the wonderful tools we now have for better management.  So what to do?  It was/is always important for us that our kids…….well stayed kids……and we knew that sugar would be needed at times, especially to deal with lows, so giving a basket would not be a bad thing.  But we also knew that we probably should make some adjustments and we did.

Sugar free mints and gum came in handy.  Little girl accessories from Claire’s were always appreciated, trading cards, videos, colorful painted eggs, make-up and lipstick as she got older.  In short, much of the candy was replaced with small gifts—-think stocking stuffers on fake green grass in a basket with no stocking.  Crayons, coloring books, stickers, books, a pair of cool socks or a shirt all made for great gifts.

And eventually the candy was outnumbered by the gifts that could fit into the basket.  Wrapped in spring-styled wrapping paper.  Kids love opening gifts and to be honest the few peeps and jelly beans we left in there were more than enough along with the gifts we gave.

Let us know what you do in your house?

And ever year, perhaps smaller than what it used to be, sits a chocolate rabbit which gets eaten, probably just a tad slower than before diabetes.  But that is not such a bad thing.  And with boluses and everything else we can now do; well Easter is Easter in our house just like every other house.

My kids are all older now with the youngest being 18, but they still like their Easter Baskets with a mix of candy, and small gifts, and a chocolate rabbit that gets the area around the bow eaten last.  My dad would like that; Happy Easter everyone.

I am a diabetes dad.

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To Whom DO I Turn at 3 A.M.????……….Sometimes a Good Cry IS Not Such a Bad Thing…….Is It?

tear dropIt’s three in the morning, you had a bad day, nothing went right, now your child’s blood sugar is 46.  You treat the low and you wait.  “I’ll check again in a few minutes.”
You look around.

You aimlessly flip a few pages of a magazine.  You reach for the remote and realize THAT is something you do not want to do.

“I know, I’ll go on-line.  Someone will be up.”

And there usually is.  Someone to talk to.  Someone else somewhere in the world going through what you are going through.  You are on for a while, you realize you have been on too long, you re-check your child’s blood sugar; 145.  You decide to go to bed, it is now 4:10 am.

This is routine.

When there is no one else…….there is someone else at a flip of a button.  Online.

But such was not always the case and there is an alternative for ‘having to chat’ with someone and it is not wrong to take this road.  Not always; well I surely hope it is not always, but when needed, if needed; there is nothing wrong with a good cry.

Let it out.

Back when ‘going on-line’ meant driving on the yellow line in the middle of the road; there was no one to chat with, talk to, vet, or feel horrible with and the alternative was to do a wash, clean more, read something, or just have a good cry.

The ‘crying’ was good because after a while you would feel silly; realize it was time to move on, and one would move on until you needed to cy again.  A week or even a year; a good cry was good to get everything out of your system.

So in as much as the online escape is good to have, remember, a good cry is not such  a bad thing to do every now and again also.  Face to face with no one else; helps you focus on what you need to do to move forward; and letting out emotion in a good cry……well not so bad to do either.   Food for thought.

I am a diabetes dad.

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A Diabetes Bag by Any Other Name………What Do You Call Yours?

Diabetes bagI have noticed recently, that when people refer to their ‘diabetes bag’; you know that ‘quick-grab-and-get-and-take-with-you’ bag full of just enough diabetes supplies to help you in your travels, that they call it something.

You know, like a name.

I found that very interesting.  So today I would like to hear what you, in your household, call the diabetes bag.   This is a new phenomena to me as in our house we were very original and unique; we called it, “the diabetes beg’.

I wish we were more creative so please share by replying on this site—-what do you call the ‘diabetes bag’ in your home?

I am a diabetes dad.

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Labels….Labels….Labels. A Public Service Announcement from your Local DiabetesDad.

LabelsI want to save you from some grief.  Whether you have been at this for a week or over twenty-three years, there is something you should do, and many do not.  Kind of hard to explain why people do not do this; but so many don’t.


In this day and age it is so easy to make labels or you have labels (that you received from the American Diabetes Association with a nickel in a direct mail piece) from many organizations who make them and send them out.  Meters, diabetes bags, etc etc etc should have a label with your name and address; or whatever contact info you feel is appropriate.

This may surprise you but you are not alone.  I’m amazed when I attend the CWD FFL conference in Florida how many people DO NOT have any contact information on items of such importance.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We become so used to having it and always “just think we do”.  THAT is a false sense of security.  You will leave it behind.  (And here is a tip—-when you go to someone’s house, leave your car keys with the bag, that way you can never forget it.)

What I know.  You WILL leave it somewhere, and it will probably be at the most inappropriate time to lose your ‘diabetes bag’.  (Translation, it is the one time you do not have a back-up).

So take 10 minutes now and make sure everything has your contact information on it, you will be glad you did.

That concludes today’s public service message.

I am a diabetes dad.

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