Diabetesdad’s Sunday dHero—-a Young Man Who is Focused on Helping Others.


The first thing that strikes you about this incredible young man, when you meet him, is his friendly smile and laid back attitude.  He has a kind word for you and will always ask how you, or a member of your family, are doing. 

He is Diabetesdad’s Sunday dHero not just because of the thousands of dollars he has raised for the Diabetes Research Institute, not just because of his advocacy for the JDRF, nor even his attendance at the ADA’s call to congress and his dedication on meeting elected officials until there is a cure; all commendable efforts by this one man.

But, no, that’s not why he is Sunday’s dHero.

And it is not because he is going into nursing and will probably, at some point, find himself working with those with diabetes.  This also is an incredible undertaking for a young person with a very active I life.

But when you put this all together, and add to it his compassion for others, and watch him in action dealing with young people.  Well, you have one incredible young man.  I watched him at the last Friends for Life Conference with the Children with Diabetes and his dedication to those kids he was assigned in the CWD program where he served, was extremely commendable.

He got right in there with the kids and they gravitated to him like the Pied Piper.   He not only spent an incredible amount of time, but his giving spirit was evident with each passing moment.  THAT is a gift.

He is Jesse Nagel and there is not a time that I have seen him that he has not given me a warm handshake, a hug, and asks me eye-to-eye, “Hey, how’s Rob doing?  If ever you need me to call him, let me know.”

It’s that compassion he brings to everything he does that makes him, Diabetesdad’s Sunday dHero.  Take a bow Jesse, and thank you for ALL you do.


Do you know someone who can be a Sunday dHero—-let me know who it is and why they should be considered for a future Sunday dHero.

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