He Bought a Cup of Coffee and Changed the World….My Buddy Tom Cavanaugh

I have written a million times to just “Not do Nothing’ in the diabetes world; in life.  There is a news story circulating about a 9-1-1 operator from California who bought the people of Newtown, CT. a free cup of coffee.  Google the story–it is now everywhere.

Tom Cavanaugh called the general store in Newtown and ordered 100 cups of coffee.  He couldn’t be there in person but remembered his mother’s teaching that when someone grieves, you send prayers and you send food.

Tom is from New Jersey and now lives in California.  We met when we both were acting in Tony ‘n Tina’s wedding a lifetime ago.  Tom is a big guy who has a heart that surpasses anything else.  His actions, actually, did not surprise me.  If someone needed a ride, a couple of bucks, or help; Tommy Cavanaugh would be at the front of the line saying, “what do you need?”

His one-act of compassion, this one-act of buying coffee, has started many, many more acts of kindness in this small town in Connecticut, and around the world; all inspired by Tom’s actions.  Imagine if we all did the same thing as my friend from California–the world might just change….and there would be nothing wrong with that; would there?

Nice job friend, you changed the world……now it’s up to us to continue……what will you do?

I am a diabetesdad.

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Love, love, love!! My son and our family have “adopted” Carrie Underwood’s song “Change” – even the smallest acts of kindness can change the world. Thank you for sharing. I hope we all commit acts of kindness many times in our lives.

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