OMG….Your Number is What…..What Did You Do??????!!!!!

High Blood sugarIs that the phrase you might have used when your child walks in the door and informs you of their meter reading?

In as much as they may or may not comply during the last few hours which made them spike or drop; someone taught me something a long time ago that we try to adhere to as much as possible; just say thank you and ask them the next steps that should be taken to get back on track.

If we understand that the numbers we see are the gauge they are supposed to be to help manage diabetes; why do we as parents show our face of disappointment.  Our kids will read that same face as their failure.

Remember that the next time you want to scream out the window.  It is not your child’s fault they have diabetes and i know you know that but make sure your face and voice do not say something else.

Just a reminder because I surely needed one today.  🙂

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When my children have high blood sugars like this and they are upset I say, “Do you know why your blood sugars are so high or “HI”?” They will look down at the floor and try to come up with answers/excuses then I stop them and look them in the eye and say, “It’s because you have diabetes”. I don’t care what they did to get to that point. I only want to relieve their guilt and fix it. I’m here to help them manage their diabetes and not add to the stress of living with it. That’s how I see my role as their parent.

A number is just that, a number (or a very friendly meter). It’s a POINT IN TIME piece of information. It doesn’t really matter how anyone got there, what matters is what is done with that information. You look at that number and say “what needs to be done to correct this number?” You aren’t correcting the person, you are correcting the number. As long as action is taken with respect to the information given, that’s what really counts.

I needed to read this today! I just had that exact moment last night! My daughter forgot to take insulin for supper and of course she was high a few hours later. I feel like a horrible mother when I say something about it! Thank you for the gentle reminder! We have been through alot in the last year and my daughter, Catharine who is now 14yrs old, is doing so well, but sometimes she does forget. I have to remember that she is just that. A 14year old girl who is social and having fun and sometimes…. just forgets!! Thanks again.

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