Intuition……Ever Have It? A Very Powerful Tool.

trust“I had a feeling…..”

“My intuition made me check…..”

“My gut was telling me…..”

You know what that is about, right?   I have absolutely no scientific study to back today’s article but I have been around long enough to know that there is an additional tool in a parents’ diabetes tool box that should never be ignored.  Never.

It is intuition.

I have read so many stories of that feeling deep in the pit of one’s stomach, that sudden moment you wake up with a thought, and/or you do something ‘just one more time’ to make sure.

If you find that it was not correct, you move on; no foul.  But how many times have you acted upon it?  How many times have you read about a mom or a dad who ‘just had a feeling’ and acted on that feeling?  They found their child very low, very high, acting unresponsive, and on good days sleeping soundly with blood glucose in a normal range.

I’m here to tell you that you should never ‘poo-poo’ those feelings and you should act on them when they happen because what is the down side? You find out you are wrong.  And if you are wrong 32 times and right once—-well that is just fine, isn’t it?  Once is once enough when something could go so very wrong.

I do not know why these feelings occur, and I do not care either.  I’m not going to try to explain them and I don’t care what science says is possible or not possible when it comes to these feelings that no one would understand unless they are a parent.

Ever happen to you?  Intuition.  You did not buy it, find it, refine it, or even make it but it may very well be one of the most unrecognized tools in our diabetes tool box, and one of the most appreciated when proven correct.

And that’s a good feeling.

I am a diabetes dad.

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4 replies on “Intuition……Ever Have It? A Very Powerful Tool.”

I can relate to this post on intuitive testing. I’ve relied on my intuition to help with diabetes along the way. Not only have I experienced times during the day when I had a feeling something wasn’t quite right and tested the kids, but there have been numerous times (too many to count) over the past 13 years that I have awakened during the night at random times and “knew” something wasn’t right with one of my T1 children and found them in a serious low blood sugar situation that was dangerous. I can’t explain what has caused me to wake up and sense that something was wrong with them, but thank God I did or they may not have ever awakened themselves in the morning.

Thank you for sharing what it is like to listen to something that is not ‘easily explained’. No one knows for sure as to the ‘why’ but I am not going to argue with something that works. Thanks for chiming in.

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