A Child with Diabetes Embarks on a Journey…..We Should Thank Them All!!

RoadwayWonderful and talented Wendy Rose shares today in her CANDY HEARTS blog that her child will be entering a research project regarding Ed Damiano’s Bionic Pancreas.

Do you know what that means?

I ask you that because as Wendy describes the excitement of what her child will experience, it is also a research project.  And with that comes many unknowns.  Adults that do this, and especially children who do this, are as about as much as a hero as one could ever be.

Is the risk minimum?  In this trial, probably yes.  But that does not mean that it is ‘a given’.  Nothing in research is ever a given and that I can tell you as an absolute fact.  Now in as much as Ed and his team have every base covered, I am sure, a trial is just that…..a trial.  I think all families that allow this, or who get involved, are amazing.

Probably the Queen of all research projects is Monica Lanning who, I believe, at different times numbered 20+ research projects over the years.  Is it at all surprising that research is the path she wants to follow in college and beyond?  From first hand experience I can tell you that these projects are not always so pretty and tied in a bow.

So I think Monica, Wendy’s child, and those like them are all superheroes without a cape (maybe they DO have a cape—I’m not sure).  There is not a device or a medical improvement that did not involve some sort of clinical trial to make sure it is ‘ok’ to bring to market.

Being involved in this ‘research’ world, I can tell you that many have no idea how long the roadway is to prove something feasible to help others.  So I wish Wendy’s child, and her friend, the best on the journey they are about to undertake.  I pray it is everything they want, and it is an experience of a lifetime…… go, albeit briefly, with diabetes managed and controlled will be an astonishing feeling.  She will be writing what she can about the trial I am sure.  To all those who have offered themselves to advance the good for others…….we need to thank them.

Always remember, if you use anything regarding diabetes, it is a great chance that someone had to help get it in your hands; and in some of these cases……..children decided to get involved in a trial somewhere.  We are humbled by their efforts.

I am a diabetes dad.

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2 replies on “A Child with Diabetes Embarks on a Journey…..We Should Thank Them All!!”

Thank you, Tom!

You’re right…it *IS* still a trial. As exciting as this may be, it is still research. It’s handing control over to a machine. It’s trusting technology that could fail. It’s putting faith in people I’ve never met to keep her safe, day and night.

It’s dropping her off and kissing her goodbye, knowing I will pick up a girl who has matured a little, learned a lot, and grown through the experience. I feel like I’m bidding farewell to a small part of her childhood.

At 11 years old, this is a decision she made. We presented the opportunity, but ultimately she chose to pursue it. This was a very grown-up decision, and we’re very proud of her.

….and VERY PROUD you should be; as we all should be—–AND ARE!!!!!!
Thank you for telling us what ‘mom’ is thinking as she moves forward.
We look forward to your writings moving forward.
In our thoughts, our prayers…..and our most profound gratitude.

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