The Ring, or; Why Mom’s are the Best People on Earth

Ruby ringMoms are real special people.

She was about six years old when her dad took her shopping for a Mother’s Day gift.  “Pick out something, but make sure she will like it.”  This was the only charge given by the dad.

She looked and looked, and already at this young age, it was clear that she would end up with a high level of fashion.  Not because she knew, but because she took her time in deciding what she really, really, liked.

There it was.  A huge ring full of red rubies running up and down it….it ended up bigger than her mom’s finger.  Carefully she wrapped it and with the rest of the family, presents were piled with breakfast; which was served picnic style in her bed.  As her mom unwrapped the gifts, the little girl waited anxiously as she opened gift after gift; waiting for her mom to reach for hers.

It became time.  Her mom asked who it was from and all eyes fell upon her.  She beamed a smile bigger than the sun itself.  Her mom opened it and gasped with excitement at the ring.  It was bigger than her entire finger.  So big it slipped off and fell into her cup of coffee.  Everyone laughed.  He mom reached right in, retrieved it, dried off the ring and wore it all day long.

Looking back, she stated that it was probably the most hideous thing ever created but her mom would have heard none of that and she wore it as if all of the stones were actually real.  She wore it proudly.

The number one value her mom owned, and shared…..was family.  Family is the haven from any storm and the enjoyed fulfillment of everyday life, she taught.  She and her mom were extremely close.  When she was married, she wore her mother’s gown which, believe it or not, was also her father’s parachute in WWII.  The 100% silk made for a beautiful gown.  She was; her mother’s daughter.  Mom taught her very, very well.

The daughter, in her 50’s now with a family of her own, had profound sorrow when the matriarch of the family was laid to rest.  It was unbelievable sadness.

Many weeks later as she was moving everything from her mom’s home, she opened the jewelry box that sat upon her mom’s dresser for much of her 90 years.  There in the back of the box, laid the precious ring she had given her almost 50 years before, preserved and kept safely through time.

Yes, mom’s are real special people.

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