No Diabetes. Not on this Day. Not Today. You Will Not Win!!!!!!

NO-NO-NO-NO-NODear Diabetes,

I know it has been a while since we corresponded, there was no need.  But you thought you would win recently and it opened the door to once again remind you a little bit on who we are…… case you had forgotten.

We are a family of resolve.  We are a family of strength.  We have problems in many areas, we are a family and those things happen.  Where we have no differences, no departures, no backing-down, is when it comes to you.  You. Have. No. Chance.

Your last episode of trying to get at us was a really cool idea……stupid, it didn’t work.  We did not spend the amount of years we have spent educating ourselves to let you slip that one in.  Surprised you, didn’t we?  Our kids, us, we know your tricks.  We know your game plan.  We may back up a step but do not confuse us gathering our thought on moving forward and retreating.  We will not retreat.  We do not know the word…..and YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

At the time I guess you thought that it might overwhelm us, might make us stop, and you might even have won that round…….we surprised you there too, didn’t we?

So I have said this to you before, I do not look at this as ‘daring’ the fates, but to be clear.  If we, as a family, allow you the smallest victory, you win.  And the plain and simple truth is that you cannot, and will not win, in this household; ever!  Knock us down as you try; let it be known and shouted across this great land:  You. Will. Not. Win.  Period!!!!!!!

Truly yours,
This Household

I am a diabetes dad.

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I love the attitude! We try to do the same in our household, not easy to be a winner all the time with a 7 year old but most of the time we are winning.

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