It’s a Diabetes Thing…….'”NOW GET OUT OF MY FACE”.

Diabetes thingPeople just do not understand.  Very few do, in fact.

When I have to tend to my child, YOUR timing is not my timing; in fact, and we had to learn this, our timing IS NOT our timing.  If our child needs tending to, our world stops.  Period.

I do not care if you get frustrated because I am late for the family picnic, not in the family photo, or late to something YOU think is important.  When it comes to my child, not only will I tend to their needs first, I will not explain in detail and if that is not understood than you have missed the boat for the last 22 years we’ve been dealing with it.

We do not compare ourselves to anyone else, we work to prevent anything that might be thrown at us but when it comes right down to it…….if others do not understand……’tough boogies’.

We know what it is like to be ready to leave and a pump needs changing, a low needs tending to, and/or something else deserves our immediate attention……and our immediate attention will always be given.  If you do not understand this, too bad.

We have become a little ‘thick skinned’ over the years and you should be ready when it happens to you.  Tend to what you need to and inform the other party when you can, “I apologize for (whatever it is) but we needed to take care of something for Susie.

If after X amount of years your family and/or friends still don’t get it, move forward.  And do not give it a second thought.  AGAIN, DO NOT GIVE IT A SECOND THOUGHT.  You are NOT THE ONE who needs to deal with anything………..THEY ARE.

Remember that, it will come in handy.  I have always loved the phrase, “Those who get it need no explanation; and those that don’t would never understand anyway.”  Anyone else just tell them I said go deal with it and……………………………..TOUGH BOOGIES.

I am a diabetes dad.

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