PART II: Your Baby Has Diabetes…….Looking Back is Good to Do……But…..

Grab lifeAs a follow-up to my last article……it’s time to look back.  Whether you have been at this ‘diabetes thing’ for one week, one month, two years, or two decades; it is important to realize how far y you have come since you first heard the words; “….we are done testing, your child has type 1 diabetes.”

…..and the world fell apart.   But did it?

Yes, it sucks.  Yes, we would not wish in on our worst enemy.  But eventually the moon came out at night and the sun rose again and like I said, even if it was just a week ago—-you have got to be telling yourself, “I’ve got this.”

The simple reason is, that you have to tell yourself that, your child’s welfare depends on it.  Your child’s welfare also is dictated how you keep them away from drugs, teaching them to drive, and knowing what to do about strangers.  This, although with much more detail will be done…….because it has to.

Remember when you started.  You feel like you are not getting it right because you now know so much more and it is the goals you set that you strive to achieve.  It was not always that way.  When you started, it was just survival.  Now, it is, “……aaaaaarrrrgggghhh I should have known better.”

And THAT IS A BIG DEAL.  Cherish that, now you know.  When you started… was only a crap shoot.  Now… know…..sort of!

If you have gone through a year of school, a summer, a year, a pump, a cgm, a sleepless night; congratulations you are well on your way.

Stop.  Look in the mirror.  You did that.  Yes you surely did.  Look back and realize that you have walked much further down the road than you could ever have imagined.

Cry?  Shoot, we all cry at some time or another; even 22 years later.  Here is the thing, and know this, you are not done yet.  Push yourself to learn more, to know more.  What you now know is a great beginning.  Learn, talk to people, make sure your child is deeply entrenched in this life.

There is so much to do, so much to see, so much to be.  Be like me friends Sunshine and Justin Abel.  My goodness I have never met two people who try everything, experience everything, take their kids to everything, like the Abels.  Ever hear the phrase life is for the taking…… is; it does not read life is to be served up on a platter and pray to heaven that somehow you are included…………………—–life is for the taking.  Grab it.  All of it.  The Abels do…..and THEY DO IT WELL.

We got one shot and that is it.  Look how far you have come but more exciting is to look how many great things are in front of you.  Go for it all.   You deserve it………………and so does your child.

I am a diabetes dad.

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