Diabetes; Our Kids Normal????…..What is Normal???

SpidermanIt may seem, when new in this community, that it I shard to understand what normal is……do you ever feel that way?  We want our kids to be normal, act normal, do normal things……but they have to carry diabetes supplies, stop and test their blood sugar, watch what they eat….etc etc.

Do you know who Pete Parker is?   Well Peter, actually… you know his name?  Ask your kids because they will know that the world knows Peter better as The Amazing Spiderman.

Now you may not think your child has a lot in common with Mr. Parker/Spiderman but when you consider that he had something bad happen to him (bit by a spider), needed medical attention (for his radioactive bite), and also how to learn to live in his ‘new normal’ world…….well they do not seem so different after all; do they?

The ‘new normal’ comes with a new way to live.  Once you learn what the new normal means, accept it, and conquer the unknown, you can go about your business of……well….living.

When we tout our children’s successes of living with diabetes, things are said knowing what they have to deal with and it is THAT exact thing that makes them incredible.  They allow themselves to be thrown around like a rag-doll to end up with their arms outstretched at a cheerleading competition; they check the front line and tear down the ice to slap a hockey puck; they are asked by their high school drama coach to design the entire sound for the school show; they are asked to play a sport, write a poem, and/or be involved in the world of medicine and the list goes on and on.

So if you wonder, “……how the heck can I consider it normal that my child is asked to do everything that everyone else does and be asked to do it with diabetes?”

The answer; what our kids do to ‘be normal’ is not normal……but yet millions of kids and adults do it all the time.  Not normal. More than normal.  More like a super hero if you ask me………like Spiderman.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Love this. I was 8 yrs old when diagnosed and I did everything I could (Band, cheerleading, clubs, church, etc) in school all while dealing with T1 diabetes!

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