Hi, Are You Impacted by Diabetes…A Message for You; From “Life”.

Life crumbledDear Person,

Hi there, it’s me; life. 

I know you know me but I think you may have been distracted lately.  I know you think that diabetes is all you need to know about……but I wanted to remind you….well……about me.

There will be many things that will happen in your life, even though diabetes has taken up residence, that I wanted you to be aware; remind you as the case may be.  Everything that happens, is not diabetes related and will not be diabetes related.

I’m life.  Sometimes I will give you the best of times and sometimes I will reap havoc.  There will be other illnesses; physically and mentally, that may or may not have anything to do with diabetes. There will be times that you will deal with being ill, cannot sleep, will break a bone, will find a lump, will be cranky, will have stomach pains, will act in an irrational behavior that has nothing to with diabetes.

Events will still occur, people will be born, people will die, events will impact your family, there will be pool parties, fireworks, graduations, weddings, divorces, hearts broken, hearts mended, new things, the same old things and so much more.  I do a lot, I offer a lot.

Life.  Me.

Always remember that I’m around and do not be afraid to look at the situation and say this may have nothing to do with diabetes……this may be…….just life.

I’m not so happy that diabetes gets so much of the credit and the blame of what happens with you…….it used to be just me.  People would say, “That’s life”.   Now? Too many questions.  “Is it diabetes related”, “could it be diabetes related,” “it’s diabetes related….isn’t it; do YOU think so.”  All of these have entered the mix.

So just know that I am still around even though ‘diabetes’ seems to scream the loudest sometimes.  Know that you should take different steps to handle different situations.  Know that it’s not always diabetes.

Sometimes it’s just me,  We are different.  Know who is doing what and when.  Just a reminder.


I am a diabetes dad.

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3 replies on “Hi, Are You Impacted by Diabetes…A Message for You; From “Life”.”

Thank you. I just also tried this by removing the word diabetes and replaced it with another “ailment” & yup…still works. It’s a great way to be optimistic and enjoy LIFE 🙂

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