“Your Child with T1 MUST Be on a Pump”………


Highway…………hmmmmmmmmm I don’t think so.

“No, that cannot be correct.  You have to do XYZ with your child who has T1 diabetes.  My doctor told me, the world’s greatest endo in ABC City told me, and the Pope told me……it cannot be done any other way.  So YOU must do it this way too or your kid will be in BIG TROUBLE.”

Hmmmmmmmm…..what would my world be like if I did everything I was told by ‘the experts’ that I should not do?  What would your world look like?

Well, acting was definitely ‘out’—I cannot begin to tell you how many people ‘in the know’ told me THAT was a bad choice because THEY KNEW.  They were wrong.

Because I had a speech impediment when a child, I was never going to do any public speaking and many did not want me ‘on their team’ because it took too long to understand me.  They were wrong.

I should be satisfied with the way diabetes treatment was, because ‘the pump’ would never work and we should never think that it would ever be used in everyday use…….and even if it did, not for kids or the newly diagnosed.  They were wrong.

Amazing the things people think ‘they have the right’ to impose on others.  I’m always open for advice, something new can always be learned; but I do not have to do it your way…….I’m going to do my homework educating myself and read-read-read-investigate-investigate-investigate, speak to thousands of people, and move forward with MY choice.

In addition to not taking ‘others’ word as gospel, I have also learned that just because it is not true today, it does not mean it will not be true tomorrow.  One of anything cannot be in use in 2009, be perfected, and be the standard in 2015.

Keep your mind open and most of all, your eyes open.  We, are people; we make mistakes.  If one is very persistent on something you do…..being just as persistent back at them will lead to probably nothing more than frustration.  Friction and friction—-will only get you heat; as I have always said.  Listen, thank people for their input, and make the call.

If you see two people ‘going at it’ be careful about getting involved because chances are you will do little to change anyone’s mind anyway.   I have better things to do than to get into an argument about anything.  As I get older, being ‘right’ is only important in my choices.

Read-educate-act.  Something to think about.

I am a diabetes dad.

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