Take Life with No Regrets…..One Shot at Being Happy…What’s Your Choice?

Live no regretsPeople know nothing about this disease……
We need to do a better job educating the public…….
People have no idea what we, as a family, go through on a daily basis….

Diabetes?   Right.

Answer, No.  I found these comments on other sites dealing with heath issues other than diabetes.  They are out there you know.

I have always felt that no one disease has it better or worse.  We just…….have it and have to deal with it.  Someone once stated that they would rather have diabetes than a disease that can take your life…… answer was that I know a few parents who would take strong issue with that statement>

No one should live in a defeatist attitude living with diabetes but it is important to understand, or if not understand than realize, that every disease state has issues much like ours in the diabetes community.  We feel misunderstood, an uneducated public, the need for better treatment, and the ultimate desire for a cure.

These feelings, I have found, are fairly universal.

We can spend the time defending why diabetes is better or worse than something else; but really—–what does that accomplish?   If you want to help others, for whatever the reason—I say go for it.  There probably is not a family on this living earth that does not  ‘have something’ that they are dealing with even those who you might think otherwise.

One of the reasons my heart broke over Robin Williams’ actions is that it is very easy to think that the man had it all.  But if you have it all and you’re drowning in depression……you don’t have it all, do you?

I would like to get to the point that even with diabetes in our household, we have it all.  It makes no sense to dwell on all of the pitfalls that come with diabetes…..or any other obstacle for that matter.  When all is said and done, we will have only…….well…..what we have.  I say to make the decision to move forward because the alternative just is not a viable option.

Live life for today.  Live today for all it has.  Live.  And live everything with no regrets……because you can’t change the past anyway—–move forward.

I am a diabetes dad.

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