Does the First Day of School Feel Like the REAL NEW YEAR’S DAY????

School's openThey are everywhere. Pictures of kids beginning their first day of school.  K through college, every grade in-between, and the first day of school (typically) happening this week with kids ready to go.  I have always felt that this week is more of a new year….well than New Year’s Day.

It is at this time that you look and see just how much your child has grown from last year to this year.  That gawky senior in high school is truly a young man starting in college and that little girl has become a young lady.  The school year has begun.

Rob started his sophomore year in college this year.  Hard to believe that he is that old already. Seems like just yesterday……….well…… know.

There is such a ‘newness’ when school begins.  The year ahead will be filled with so many opportunities for each child starting out.  Who will excel in studies, or make the team, or audition and be cast in the school musical this year?????  So much for them to do.

Thank you to the so many who posted pictures of children ready to tackle the first day….they all looked fabulous and may this year be an incredible year for them and for you.

My wish for this school years is that my son has a teacher who truly loves the world of computers as much as he does.  Someone who can teach more than one can learn from just what is in a book.  Someone who can share his excitement.  What is the one thing you wish for your child as the school year begins?  Share it with us.  And good luck to all.

School’s Open!!!!!

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