John Lasseter—Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’ and Elsa, Relates to His Son with T1

Frozen Let it goNOTE ADDED: In some postings it has Anna in the headline—it has been corrected accordingly to be Elsa; which is the correct character.
Tonight on Behind the Scenes Look at  The Story of Frozen on ABC, creator, genius John Lasseter talked candidly about the character of Elsa and how he saw similarities with her feeling alone and different from all others and it was how his son had to feel when he was diagnosed with his type one diabetes (his son was dx in 2001).

Even though the Lasseters have been very open about their son’s diagnosis for years, and have been very supportive of many diabetes organizations, I believe this is the first time he has actually stated any similarities with any Pixar Character and his son with diabetes.  Clearly someone can feel free to add a comment if they know differently.  I actually wrote about Finding Nemo over a year ago; but that was just my observation.  Mr. Lasseter clearly compares Elsa’s ‘secrets’ with those of his son and those with T1 diabetes.

Someone on FB mentioned this recently and I could not find the person who stated it; so if it was you, feel free to step forward.

He further stated that the famous song, Let it Go also had similarities to what his son with T1 must feel in dealing with so much that could be overpowering.  He, like the song, needed to let it go.

When the link from tonight’s show becomes public, I will add it to this column both in the comments and in the text of the article.  I have been informed that you can link to Aubrey’s Army website and see the video there.

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I can’t believe this. I write to you a few weeks ago. When I saw frozen, I watched the whole time thinking “this movie is about t1d!” Wow.

Yes——and I could not remember who it was that wrote to me (and I stated that)—-when I find the video and update the article I will certainly include you, Evan… called it correctly.

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