The Way WE Treat Diabetes……Should be Incorporated at the United Nations!

war shipsArguments.  Conflicts.

Whether with your spouse, your child, between siblings, and any other combination in between.  If you have a dollar to bet, you can bet that a conflict will arise in your home in the not-to-distant future.

When these incidents occur, it is no so easy to switch gears and go from heated discussion to loving care-take. There must be times when you are just ready to blow through the roof at something your child has done.  And what happens?  In the middle of the discussion you notice they are a bit pale, or their eyes are a bit glassy.


I actually do not know how many times we have been in that position in our 20+ years at this with one child and 5+ years of having two children with diabetes.  What I know is that we have learned a very simple formula.

Diabetes trumps everything.

When it came to taking care of the moment, obviously, taking care of a low or a high took the front seat when needed.

As I look around the world today, in so many aspects from conflicts to war, I cannot help but think how much better we would all be if something could capture everyone’s attention from the negative to someone in need.  When it is our child, we HAVE TO give the focus needed at that moment, right?

There is so much pain in so many health issues right now, don’t you think this world would be better off if some people reacted as we do when our child needs us?  “We’ll get back to the conflict in a minute, we have to tend to these 10,000 homeless.”  “Let’s place this anger on the back burner for a bit, there are 5,000 kids who have no medications and we need to help them.”

“But we will continue this later…….we can continue it later.  This is more important.”

Later will come.  And the anger/conflict will seem just a tad-less important and/or just not worth the energy to continue.  Why cannot the world see this; why cannot the world act like this at a time when it is needed?

Sometimes anger makes us see the one and only point right in front of us.  It is at these times that we must force ourselves to look to the right and the left.  All of the energy is better spent in a humanity effort elsewhere….no?


I am a diabetes dad.

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