Diabetes and Your Child….Others’ Opinions??..Don’t Be Stepped On!!

stepped onI always found it hard to keep my tongue in places when someone else thought they had a ‘better way’ to handle our children and their diabetes.  I’m all for helpful hints and even encouragement, but telling me what to do??????…….that was a no-no.

And rarely, if ever, did we stand for it.

I’m not speaking of a discussion with give and take; this is the over-bearing opinions from people who ‘know better’.

As you raise your children, did your parents (or for that matter, did anyone) tell you what you should do?  How did you handle that situation?  In most cases you, probably, told them that you knew your child and that you had it covered.  The question becomes; how strongly did you let the other person know to mind their own business?

Dealing with your child’s diabetes, is no different.  There is the stopping cold answer: You cannot possibly know what this is about so please refrain from telling me what to do until you have dealt with this disease 24/7/365 for the last 3 1/2 (or whatever amount of time) years as I have; it is impossible.  Here is the catch; when you are finished that statement…say nothing more but look them dead in the eyes until they move, squirm, or apologize.

There is the sweeter version: Thank you for your input, I’ll weigh what you say but the management is something we have pretty much mastered.  It’s different for us who live this day-in-and-day-out than just being a spectator at what we do.  Completely different.  And again, just look at them until they respond.

There is the ‘WTF” answer:  This gets ugly and usually ends up in a yelling match and no one wins.

There is the no response:  This is where we grumble under our breath, walk away, and say nothing.  No one wins here also.

If there is someone who spends time with you and they always seem to ‘know better’, and this includes parents, do not be afraid to ‘nip it in the bud’ immediately.  Strong, loving, firm, and be done with it.  It’s hard enough to deal with diabetes; tell Monday morning quarterbacks to keep their conversation to football.  No one gets walked on………..unless they want to be walked on.  Make the call.

I am a diabetes dad.

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And don’t forget others’ opinions may include health care team members! Don’t let them step on us or our children either. That’s probably a whole other post. 😉

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