Be someone elseWe are faced with many choices in this world.  We are faced with many moments in this world.  At any given moment there is a choice presented and the decision comes down to what road do we take?  What time do we give?  What is our choice to ‘just don’t do nothing”?

I find it amazing to work beside people (both professionally and as a volunteer) where ‘the norm’ is just not acceptable.  We can choose to do something about an issue and just ‘pounce’ when someone gets it wrong; and scream and rant and rave what a ridiculous comment or action someone takes……..or we can choose to do something about it.

It’s easy to yell and scream about a football player who punches his fiancé in an elevator; it is another action to take calls at a 24 hour crisis center.  It is easy to yell at someone for ‘getting diabetes wrong’, it is another action to get up and walk, ride, or advocate.  It is easy to point a finger and yell and scream, “can you believe that?”  It is another action to start a group to connect college students with diabetes.

My point?

Lifting voices is a good thing.  Our voices NEED TO BE HEARD.  But voices without action will die down once the screaming stops……and it will stop.  Ask yourself, “What am I doing?  Am I doing enough?”  I cannot judge you, nor will I, each must ask themselves that question.  Only you can answer.

I do know this…….there is much to do.  Being on the sideline pales in comparison to being on the playing field.  Are you on the sidelines? The ‘let someone else do it’ I am too busy (or whatever reason you think is justified) needs to stop.  Everyone deals ‘with life’.  Everyone can find some time, no matter how small, to help.

Get involved……some how……some where.  Don’t wait for someone else…….BE THE SOMEONE ELSE!  Period!

I am a diabetes dad.

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