The Story of the Red Bandana….One of the Most Incredible of ALL 911 Stories.

red bandanaI have seen hundreds of stories of September 11th, 2001.  I was a story of that day as well.  Last night, while at Citifield to watch ‘my’ NY Mets (leave me alone I’ve heard all the comments that exist), there were ceremonies in remembrance on the anniversary of 9-1-1.

A man walked to the mound to throw out the first pitch.  The announcer said but a few words; and the man dressed in red, with a red bandana tied to a baseball mitt, threw the first pitch.  He is a dad.  His story may be the most incredible one I have ever heard outside of the first responders and that of Flight 93.

I went home and found out more of the story.  It truly is one of the most incredible stories I have witnessed.  It’s a little long (thirteen minutes)……but I promise you… will be worth every second.

Click this link to view the story of……the man with the red bandana.

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