Has FB Become our Refrigerator for Showing Our Kids’ Achievements?

RefrigeratorThis weekend as Saturday moves into Sunday, we change our clocks back one hour.  One Hour?  What would you do if you could change back the hours of your clock?

I have asked many people with diabetes this question and many times I’m told, most often, that they could not imagine who they would be if they did not have diabetes.  They would rather not have it but certainly being as much of who they are with diabetes, it is a hard component to imagine life without.  They go through life, it does not ‘define’ who they.  As I have stated before, the best answer I have received about diabetes was from Kaitlyn when she was nine when she told a news reporter, “I have diabetes, diabetes IS NOT who I am.”

That statement has been engraved in my brain ever since.  “Diabetes is not who I am.”

If she believes that diabetes should not define her, and when Rob was diagnosed he ABSOLUTELY believed the same, I am sure-as-heck not going to allow it to define them either.  My many, many years as an actor has taught me the importance of being ‘center stage’.  To be in a place where the entire production revolves around the action taking place in the most obvious part to the audience; ‘down-stage-center’.

Diabetes will grab the spotlight every chance you give it.  Don’t give it.  Because of the many times that we must tend to diabetes, it would be easy to allow diabetes to have it all.  Our every waking moment.  Don’t.  Fight it with all you’ve got.

I have stated this many, many times…..I just have no idea why people post on FB when their child is in hospital from a glycemic reaction.  I will always say a prayer for someone when they ask it; we all have children with diabetes and we certainly know what it look likes and I do not need a hospital picture to remind me.  Ask me?  You’ll get my prayers, believe me.  But what concerns me is what a child (especially a teen-ager) thinks when their picture is online for the world to see.

Well I asked….and I asked many teens and guess what?  They hate it.  They also will say they are not too fond of any picture of them online that ‘mom or dad’ post but when it is about an accomplishment; well FB has become the ‘new refrigerator’.  You know when younger and that test, or letter of praise from a teacher or school, or art work was put on the refrigerator with magnets……well now ‘the refrigerator’ is for the world to see and it is called Facebook.

I can honestly say that I have never once been in someone’s house and there was a picture of their child in a hospital bed ‘tacked on’ to the refrigerator so the parents could share what a brave child they are…..and don’t get me wrong, when that happens and they go to the hospital…..they are indeed brave.  But I have been told by so many kids through my travels that they do not want to be out there showing that diabetes has won even the smallest of battles.  I have also stated that I surely do not know everything so if there is a valid reason to post kids in hospitals recovering……PLEASE share so we can understand….I just never knew what that gains for our children.

I love seeing kids doing great things.  I love hearing about them advancing in sports, performing on stage, going to a competition in robotics, and doing something that is fabulous and do you know my favorite thing to do?

I love when families post so many pictures of all of their kids, I have to stop and ask myself, “Is this the one with diabetes?”  Because diabetes should not define any family either.  If it doesn’t go on the refrigerator with a magnet….it should probably not go online either.

Think about it.

I am a diabetes dad.

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I love reading different views. Different opinions! Mine is simple and basic. I post to family and friends. My FB page is private. In that regard I post whatever moves me in the moment. My FB is also my living scrapbook if you will. A place to look back and remember. I am guilty if posting the most joyous pictures as well as some real life challenges. My non D daughter experienced a life changing illness laid months ago. She became paralyzed (temporarily thank goodness) and there were no posts on my FB page from me for several weeks while I was in the hospital – but the day she received a special medical treatment hooked up to a huge machine (plasmapheresis) and it began reversing her paralysis …I posted THAT picture. I would’ve put it in the newspaper if I could! I wanted everyone to know how miraculous modern medicine is and how grateful I was after 3 weeks of hell that she was going to be ok. I still scroll back to that post and smile at all the comments we read to her from family and friends. I think I have also posted a pic of my son who was recovering from a hospitalization from complications of a viral illness. I want my family and friends to understand not only the joys of his life but the challenges and the reasons why we ask for donations for research and a cure. I don’t put anything on my refrigerator it’s stainless steel and nothing stays up there! On FB I put anything that is important to me. With my kids approval. After all it’s a private posting for our family and friends to share our journey with us 🙂 I do understand and respect your view too! I think it depends on an individuals reason for sharing and it depends if the kids approve or not. The support alone and positive feedback made sharing that picture very special to us 🙂

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