This November: Don’t Just Educate THOSE WHO ALREADY KNOW!!!!!!

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We see it all the time.  The outcry for better education in so many areas.  Campaigns, ideas, thoughts, outreach, anything that can be tried is tried.  As many creative ideas that take the turn where some get little attention and some get a lot of attention.  Some are liked, some are controversial.

Everyone looks to be the next ‘bucket of water’ campaign. Everyone looks to be the new fad.

To me, I look for ideas that are not necessarily internal.  I think it’s great to have thousands of people ‘like’ or to participate in something but I REALLY like when I see projects that are not just within the Diabetes Community.  It’s a simple reason, really.  We already get it.  We already understand.  I like to see projects that go to the masses who have nothing to do with diabetes.  Because they DO NOT get it.  They are the ones that we need to continually try to educate.

But can we do more?  Well I guess one could say more can always be done but what I am suggesting, with Diabetes Awareness month being just two days away, is that with the many plans, fund-raising events, blue circles, online initiatives and everything else creative we can think of; try to find at least one thing over the next 30 days that educates people who are not within our diabetes world.

Write a letter to an elected official, post the warning signs of diabetes at a library-or in a public place, give a lecture in a school from kindergarten to college, read a Coco book to little kids, write an op-ed letter ‘about something diabetes’ to your local newspaper, but find something that helps spread the word……but not just to our own.

You will have plenty of choices over the next 30 days to ‘do something diabetes’ and choose to just ‘don’t do nothing’ and you will have plenty of ways to do that I promise; but more than that…..choose something else that educates those who don’t know about diabetes.

At the end of the day………teaching those that ‘don’t know’ defines the very word ‘awareness’ in Diabetes Awareness Month……don’t you think?

I am a diabetes dad.

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Exactly the point of Project Blue November! Happy to say many are liking it who have no knowledge already — and by sharing info to share all month, those who liked it will share outwardly. Note the photos on there of folks meeting with elected officials; pinning celebrities … sharing info to the masses! Good to see it happening!

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