Puppets on TV’s Scorpion…..Diabetes……and a Program Perfectly Priced for All; Not to be Missed.

Puppet TobyLast night I’m watching one of ‘my shows’, Scorpion.   I’ve watched since the original episode and find the story lines fun. In a nutshell there is a genius-IQ leader with a pack of really smart people who all have very powerful abilities because of their extremely high intelligence.  It also includes a woman who keeps their feet planted on the ground and helps them interact with each other and the world around them.  They are Federal employees with ‘spy-like’ adventures, and they have a boss as well (he is really old according to the Scorpion Group, like 52).  🙂

Last night there was a really interesting segment that due to rising friction between two of the leads, they had to agree to attend therapy sessions to prevent other retributions from their boss; due to their poor attitudes toward each other.   In the scene, they were using puppets to relay their feelings.  Now puppets and therapy is not a new concept, but there is something VERY NEW in the diabetes world with puppets that I wanted to share with you because it’s as enlightening, as it is powerful, as it is entertaining.

Marina Tsaplina is not merely a gifted artist, she is a genius with her art form.   She has offered the opportunity to many professionals and families, both child and adult, the ability to work with her, expert professionals, and her array of puppets to handle a list of diabetes situations.  She has enlisted top professionals to help her formulate en experience that can only be described as exhilarating entertaining.

Marina’s passion dealing with her own diabetes is only surpassed by what she has created to help our diabetes community-at-large. I’m writing today because you do not have to take my word for it, you can see for yourself.  On Sunday March 20th, 2016, Marina is appearing in NYC in an unforgettable afternoon of sharing and showing.

Entitled: THE PATIENT VOICE, BRIDGING THE DIABETES GAP. ….and brilliantly she begins with a simple question; How do we solve the deepest problems in diabetes care?
It is a presentation of top professionals and a presentation showing first hand JUST HOW POWERFUL her puppetry is in solving difficult problems in today’s world.  The event takes place Sunday March 20th at the Colonial Dames of America in NYC at 417 East 61st Street at 1st Avenue from 1:30 pm-5:00 pm.

This could be done as a major fund-raiser and hundreds could be charged so for just $37.50; and be given a wine reception, the ‘puppet’ presentation, a panel discussion, even jazz music to round out the day is one incredible bargain for a Sunday afternoon.  You will also get to meet many powerhouses in the diabetes world; Dr. Barbara Anderson and Dr. Jason Baker who are both being honored; and panel experts like Manny Hernandez, Dr. Kenneth Gorfinkl, and more.  For $37.50………what a line-up for a fabulous afternoon, at a price ANYONE should be able to afford.

Every medical professional in our diabetes world needs to know that this program exists.  Please forward this to diabetes educators, endocrinologists, anyone who handles the psyche of diabetes, pediatric endocrinologists, registered dieticians, nurses,  school personnel, camp personnel, organizations that run conferences, foundations, ANYONE WHO INTERACTS with SOMEONE/ANYONE with diabetes should be part of this day……it truly is not to be missed.  Even parents should come see this as well so you can share what should be part of every outreach existing today.  Kindly send this to anyone you know in the tri-state NY Metropolitan area, NJ, Connecticut, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and of course New York City.  Marina and this marvelous event is this ONE DAY only.

Be part of the day, and click here for more details.
The betes …….or click the photo.  You can order tickets and see some pretty cool videos explaining what this is all about as well.  Please share this with families living in the area and any professionals you know as well who deal in the diabetes world.  The world needs to see what this young lady has produced to help anyone living with this disease.  Puppets utilized like you have never seen before in a diabetes world that needs outside-the-box-thinking; far beyond child’s play.

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