Please DEAR GOD, What Will it Take……UK Tribunal Hears of Death Due to Missed DX T1D.

Clair TaylorI AM SO ANGRY.  She is gone.  It happened in 2012.  Now a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, UK, is hearing the case to see what can be done about it.  Claire Taylor was a talented dancer and baker who wanted a career as a dietitian as her older brother Andrew had Type 1 diabetes.  Even with this knowledge, her diagnosis was missed being sick for up to two months prior to her death.

Read the entire story here.

What will it take for us, here in America to realize THAT THIS IS A PROBLEM here as well?  On a day I read that d-mom Debbie George was hugely successful in California with a Resolution passed 38-0 for better diabetes education; I’m reminded that too many do not find this subject important enough to tackle.

I plead with you,  Be in contact with anyone and everyone you know in this diabetes world.  We have an ADA conference approaching and an AADE conference approaching……please organize a group of people in the same room to discuss, at least, the missed diagnosis of T1D.  Even if we do not come up with solutions……please let’s just not talk about it thinking it will just ‘go away’.   It will not.

I have hugged parents who have lost their child needlessly. I have talked to top professionals in this field who say that diagnosis of T1D upon DKA is rising.  We pride ourselves in America as being leaders——PLEASE TAKE A LEAD from our friends in the UK…..let’s open a dialogue on trying to stop diagnosing T1D by being diagnosed in DKA.  This is one wound we can, and should, take everything in our power to prevent before the knife cuts the flesh.

Please pass this along to anyone you know in these organizations……..a dialogue can surely continue what has started in ten different states already.

What will it take?  PLEASE let’s open a dialogue.  It’s getting so tiring.  Why MUST it always happen again, and again, and again.  Take action—-ask the organizers of these conferences to hold a discussion……a simple discussion on this topic.  We cannot begin if we do not talk about it……..I assure you it will not go away!!!!!…….and in the meantime it will cost more people their very lives……..needlessly.

I am a DiabetesDad.

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Impossible………Really Means “I’m-Possible”…….to Make a Difference.

PossibleI’m always touched by the strength of families who do so much to make “Hope” a reality.  The biggest hope I will always have is for a cure for this disease.  I know, I know, I KNOW so many say that they are tired of hearing about a cure.  It has been promised so long.  The doctor said way back when it will be in just a few years.  I heard all of that also…..I also do not have an ostrich complex with my head in the sand.  I know the time upon the clock.

And still……..

The DRI had their walk last weekend at Marlins Stadium.   Thousands upon thousands were in attendance.  And wherever and whoever you support, you attend these grass-root-type-events also.  The next time you are at one, do what I do.  I look around at all the families that have been diagnosed more recently than in our household.  I look at the little faces who want a cure……….need a cure.  That hope NEEDS to stay alive UNTIL we get there NO MATTER how long it takes.

The fire in me will never die until we reach that goal we sought from the beginning, a cure.  Management devices are great, and ever-changing, but my goal has never changed since I stood by Kaitlyn’s bedside and promised her that we would get there.  Where is that promise in the world today?  Will we, collectively, be happy with just better management tools?  I welcome these management tools.  I do.

I have seen some of the most incredible advances in this area.  We were there before pumps were in everyday use; we were there when CGM were merely three letters of the alphabet;  glucometers took 90 seconds to give a reading; there was no computer chip on a test strip; insulin was made of pork……and much, much more,  We welcomed all of these wonderful advances.

And yet, and still, with all I have seen in my life,  I take each breath searching for the one and only thing that will make me sleep peacefully at night.  I think we need to get back to what every parents REALLY wants.  I think we need to end this thinking that something which can be grasped is so unreachable.  I think we need to stop listening to voices that  say, “Well sure the cure is important but we need to give all of our focus to a better device”.

Yes, we do need to give focus to better devices………but an equal and even thrust MUST ALSO BE GIVEN to VOICES pushing for a biological cure, where ever you believe that to be.   We walked on the moon…..the vision was given, work was thrust toward that end, and it happened.  Impossible just means I’m-Possible to make a difference.

Does a cure for our children deserve any less?  Do our children deserve any less?

I am a DiabetesDad.

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Parents, Like Protecting Lions, are the Diabetes ‘Blue’ Circle of Life

Blue Circle of LifeThe call comes in.
Another child is diagnosed with type one diabetes.
Another family is impacted and changed forever.
The call comes in.

I’m surely not an island when it comes to this type thing, many take the call when it  happens.  We have been there.  We become the ‘one’ people call for whatever the reason; for however the reason.  People hear of someone being diagnosed and they say, “….you need to call my friend, they are very involved……and they can help you.
The call comes in.

I hate those calls.  I certainly don’t mind helping in any way I can but I also am well aware……well aware too much what is about to happen in a household I do not know. I have been there……twice……I wish I never became aware.

One would almost think it gets easier.  It doesn’t.  All of the memories come rushing back to ‘that’ September 26th, or ‘that’ March 20th when my kids were diagnosed.  I now know what I know because going through it educated me like nothing else I could ever learn.  Nothing else compares.

That’s said, there were others helping us also in 1992.  Barbara, Faye, Karen, Marie, Jon, Charlie, Joe, Rhoda, Jane, and many others.  You see this is what we do, we are parents.  Someone was there for us and we are there for others……’s the Circle of Life. It’s the Blue Circle of Life in our diabetes world, something we would never see in the Lion King, but it’s there none-the-less.  You have helped someone else because someone helped you.

Read these words from the song, carefully:
It’s the Circle of Life
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the Circle
The (Blue) Circle of Life  

These words are us.  Share how your circle came about and how you continued it.
Today I say thank you to everyone out there who took the time to be part of this Diabetes Blue Circle of Life……and I thank those who were part of ours, so long ago but still remembered, when we needed it most.

I am a DiabetesDad.

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Kids Who ‘DO’ Because They Care for YOUR Child with Diabetes

Hands togetherI have stated often that “I have to do this”.  For my kids, I would do anything and I do not merely get up in the morning, I pretty much jump out of bed because I know something GREAT will happen in this cause that has, in essence, chosen me.  It is pretty much the largest percentage of my day.  I have chosen the Diabetes Research Institute for the majority of my energy, both professionally and on my own to support, and you may have chosen something or somewhere else……and that’s just fine.

But we do what we do because there is passion in our hearts and a flame in our souls…..right?   But do you not just love observing the world around us and all those WHO CHOOSE to support the same cause as we do.  Do you not just marvel at the passion so many others show who do it because they believe as we do without the same connection we have to this diabetes world.

There are so many that ‘do’ and last night was a huge example of such an effort.  I was honored to attend, and be asked to address, the capacity-packed stands at West Broward High School for their annual DiaBEAT THIS! event sponsored by their student organization S.O.A.P. (Student Organization of Anatomy and Physiology).  I wondered, after last year, if the ‘wow-factor’ could possibly be repeated again this year.  How they ever out-do themselves each year is just beyond me……but they did—–and big time.

It’s not just the education about type one and type two which is everywhere you look throughout the building; it’s not just the fun-loving completion of the basketball games; it is not even the ‘magic’ of each performance from toddler to razor-sharp dancing, cheerleading, and music of the student body; no it’s more than all of this……it’s a unified spirit that, quite frankly, is rare at this magnitude.  This spirit creates an energy unlike anything I have witnessed before.

There is just no question that West Broward High School is incredibly adept at tapping into each student’s strength.  They live by the notion that the greater whole is only the sum of the parts……and ohhhhhh those parts……talk about a chain with no weak link in the entire length.

The energy is not just in the building; it grabs you, bear hugs you and charges you up from your toes to the top of your head; because the energy is in each person.  Students and faculty do not just say hi to you, they high-five you, fist bump you, and give hugs as readily as any group you will ever meet.  With the exception of the obvious age gap, the barrier of student/teacher is blurred of a hierarchy that can just be explained as a ‘we are’ attitude.  This is our school, all-of-our-school, and ‘we are’ West Broward High School.

From students who stop and pick up a piece of paper on the floor, to a faculty that sweeps if needed, to a student organization that decides it’s better to give back, but like everything they do at this wonderful school they only know how do things one way—–and when they give back they give back one hundred and fifty percent.

My eyes were wide open last night observing an incredible spirit; my ears were open last night enjoying beautiful sounds; my spirit was renewed last night by a group of kids and faculty who ‘just get it’; and above all my heart was touched last night, as a father of two kids who live with diabetes every day and really want a cure, by a community who said loudly they care and together we can all…….DiaBEAT THIS!

I am a DiabetesDad.

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We Are Our Children’s ‘Diabetes Training Wheels’!!!!

iNSULIN Training wheelsAs I traveled to work yesterday, I came upon a man who was teaching his child how to ride a bicycle.  With his one hand he grabbed the seat, and the bike leaned at an angle to the left as his son made his way down the street leaning heavily upon the training wheels as the little boy tried his hardest to upright his ride.  I’m sure within the next few weeks he will be enjoying his new right-of-passage around the neighborhood and the training wheels will be removed.

When our children are young and they become diagnosed; clearly we, as parents, once again teach them the way to stay upright.  We become their training wheels for which to lean heavily as they attempt to get it right.   The reason that the man could teach his child is because, I’m sure, he too had to learn how to ride a bicycle.  Hard to teach something unless you’ve done it…..right?  Downright almost impossible, how can you teach something unless you know from experience?

By now you know where I am going with this I’m sure.

What you have done since diagnosis is amazing.  Not only did you teach your child, you had to teach yourself.  And YOU HADE NO ONE to lean on as heavily as your child needs to lean on you.  You had to get your self up to speed pretty quickly.  And you did.  Now at this for over 22+ years, admitting doing very little for my kids at this point, I still wonder whether it will ever be done…..right.  Buy I know they surely know so much more than when we started.  That’s our goal isn’t it?

Take a look back today and realize that your child is doing as well as they are because of you.  Your knowledge, sweat, and tears have got them to the point where they are upright on their own, or will be soon.  You did that!  You were their training wheels for them to lean on as they learned…..and as it goes on a bicycle, there will always be new roads to explore.  Think about it.

I am a DiabetesDad.

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When I Used To Sing To You…..A Poem the Night You Were Diagnosed.

Kaitlyn JObWhen you were born, I used to sing to you.
I picked a great song, one from Broadway of course,
It was called “Nothing’s Gonna Harm You”
I would sing it to you
When I used to sing to you.

When you were hurting, I used to sing to you.
It was from Sweeny Todd, the Broadway hit.
You liked it very much.  It soothed you.
I would sing it to you
When I used to sing to you.

When you were cranky, tired, or in pain, I used to sing to you
I’m your daddy and we do that for our little girl
My job is to protect you, and to make you smile; daddy’s job.
I would sing to you
When I used to sing to you

I loved the words, the ones I used to sing to you.
Nothing’s gonna harm you, not while I’m around.
Nothing’s gonna harm you, no baby girl, not while I’m around.
I would sing it to you
When I used to sing to you.

You remembered well when I used to sing to you.
The night you were diagnosed and in the hospital.
You looked up at me and said, Daddy sing!
I wanted to sing it to you
I truly wanted to sing to you.

I started the song and my whispers broke into tears.
I could not stop that harm from coming.
To this day people ask me why I do what I do,
I answer, it’s a promise I made to a little girl
When I no long could sing
The way I used to sing to you.

I am a DiabetesDad.

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