NEWSBREAK: Bullying Just WILL NOT Do…..DOC: Join Me In Showing Aaron He is a Hero

AaronAaron is my hero of the day because in a REALLY TOUGH situation, Aaron chose to move forward.

Aaron has diabetes and is six years old.  Over the weekend Aaron was at a birthday party and some kids said some things that were not nice about Aaron’s insulin pump (REALLY not nice, his mom stated he was really bullied by this small group of others).  I’m sure Aaron must have felt a little lonely by these words but Aaron being Aaron, did not let kids who picked on him or who made fun of him get in his way.

It is no surprise that Aaron’s hero is Kyle Cochran, a fellow person with type 1 and a Ninja Warrior Competitor on TV; toughness comes in all sizes.  And Aaron’s strength could match up to even Kyle’s in this instance.  He handled it with grace and style and I’m sure it was words that must have hurt him, even though he may not have shown it.

My hero of the day loves ocean animals especially; and also helps out on his family farm where he has many farm animals that need tending.  Anything octopus or dinosaur, Aaron will collect it.  So today, in honor of Aaron, post a picture on your FB page of an octopus or a dinosaur and just write as a caption; For Aaron, a TRUE HERO.  Aaron’s mom, Jerra, is on FB and she will copy and give the pictures to Aaron.

Aaron is a wonderful big brother and a young man who has a lot of responsibility helping mom take care of his little sister and he loves her very much.  His day is full either tending to the farm; or picking blue berries; or even protecting his little sister; and although he is an easy-going young man who also deals with his diabetes, there is just no room in this world for other kids to say anything mean about him.

So let’s show Aaron. 

So TODAY is AARON DAY; the super hero for diabetes dad today and I am asking everyone to post a picture of a dinosaur or a octupus (his favorites) with the caption; For Aaron, a TRUE Hero.  Also reply here what YOU THINK of Aaron so he can read what a special young man he REALLY is.

There is no room for bullying a six-year-old and Aaron’s mom shared with me that it surely bothered her more than Aaron showed.  She said they were really pretty mean about it.  So let’s show Aaron how much we love him and care about him, a TRUE HERO. 

I am a diabetes dad.

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Sunday dHero…..Getting between Bullies and Someone in Need! Please Let this Young Lady Know How Special She is.

Her name is Amber, she lives in California, she is 13, new in her school just moving there from Texas, and was diagnosed with diabetes at age 9.  She loves music and she is Diabetesdad’s Sunday dHero…….you may find her to be a hero also.

Her mom states how Amber excels in so many different areas, loves music, and even won competitions dealing with music that she wrote and sang.  But it is the music she followed from her heart that makes her a hero…….BIG  TIME.

Last month a young man was trying to retrieve his instrument from the music room.  This young man has a bit of cognitive issues.  As he went back to the classroom the door was held shut by two young boys on the other side.  On top of that, the taunting started, so did the jokes, and you can imagine how this was playing out.

Now remember that Amber is new to the school and at age 13 the most important thing in a young teenagers life is probably the need to fit in.  Not so with this dHero.  She follows a different melody in her heart…..she listens to the tune of fairness. 

While the bullying was going on, Amber walked right up to the closed-door and the two boys released it allowing her entrance.  Once inside she not only held the door for the young man being bullied she had something to say.
“Y’all need to let him get his cello. He is trying to learn and get a good grade like most of us – unlike you two. Y’all also need to stop being so mean to others.”

Isn’t it hard enough to be a teen-ager and to deal with diabetes?  Isn’t well enough just getting by for Amber’s life?  Isn’t it ‘just enough’ to have her get through every day being different and feeling different?   She is not different at all by diabetes (nor should she be); she is different from many by her beautiful heart.  The lesson is a clear one and taught best by Amber herself. “The only thing I hate more than diabetes is bullying. I can live with diabetes, I can’t live with people who bully. Plus one day there will be a cure for diabetes but not for ‘stupid’ “

“……but not for stupid.”   I just love that!

Unknown to Amber, a teacher saw the entire incident unfold and she was awarded “Student of the Month.”  Not bad for being in a new school….is it? Her mom tells me that  “Amber is not shy when it comes to standing up for the right of everyone to be treated with respect.”

The world needs more people like Amber.  Amber you take one huge bow.  We are proud of you and you are surely Diabetesdad’s Sunday dHero.

I hope the whole world leaves a comment for you to read on this blog–because you deserve it.  We are all so proud of you and today; you have become the teacher and the rest of us, the students.  Thank you.

I am a Diabetesdad