Goodbye November……Hello………Life.

sunrise-with-blu-circleToday we bid adieu to Diabetes Awareness Month.  This is the 25th time for one, and the 8th time for the second; that I have said goodbye to this month of diabetes awareness.  In fact I’m quite sure that when we started this journey, there was no such designation.

It makes no difference.

Because December 1st, for us, will be no dIfferent than the first of November, first of March, or even first of July….diabetes is here and it still sucks.


Once we accept that fact, and I’m sure you will too, it’s time to realize that there is still an incredible world around our kids for them to enjoy at full steam.  They take the lead from us, as parents.  We encouraged our kids to live in a world of, “Here I come……” and not a world of “Woe is me….”

I’m not some medical professional telling you this, I am a parent….just like you.  I live through it now and lived through it with two kids for years and I want t share with you that unless life has played an absolutely horrid hand of cards to you and you lost your child………there is a lot of living to do.  When you think this disease is winning, think of parents whose lives have intersected with yours via social media or wherever; who lost this battle.

Actually think about them for a second.  Those who lost.

Then what you are now dealing with does not seem so bad, does it?  Start from that point and build upon it because everyday we have, in any instance–diabetes or not—is a gift.  A preciously wonderful gift that is waiting to be lived.  Opportunity, enjoyment, fun, laughter, and excitement with those we love and here is the thing……’s your call.

If you have money, or do not have money, whether you have other ailments, problems, pains, ill relatives,……it is all called LIFE and no one escapes life.  So in between those things that need to be dealt with, find the time to do something to take advantage of the world around you, and encourage your kids to as well.  DO something that empowers your kids; learn to say yes.  Learn to say, I’m not sure how, but we will figure out a way. Learn to say, we may not be able to afford THAT, but we can do this.

Make yes the only option.

We have tried to find the good, no-THE GREAT, for our entire lives on this journey and I am pretty sure we faced more than our share of odds against us.  But we did not care. We buried close relatives and friends, and we learned to live with two kids dealing with this disease…..that was not going to prevent us from anything.  When the bad came along, we used it as a reminder of how fortunate we are that we have another day to “Change it UP”.  And we took full advantage of that opportunity.  What will you do today to make tomorrow a little better for you and for you children.

What will you do to; CHANGE IT UP!

Why wait for just one November when there are 365 other days to start over……go for it!!!
I am a DiabetesDad.
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Cyber Monday, Something for You, If Needing to Shed a Few Pounds

dietto-goIt’s Cyber-Monday.  Now I know that you can get a million sales out there but here is one sale you might want to consider…..for yourself.   To be honest, I’m not a big fan of subscription meals.  That is, you pay a price and meals come to your house that are touted as both, tasting good and also better for you.

A few months ago I was contacted by Caitlin, who is the Community Outreach Specialist for a company called Diet-to-Go.  They wanted to send me a weeks worth of food, would try it in our house, and then let people know how we feel in an article.  I made it clear that I’m not a fan of theses-type-services but Caitlin persisted and informed me that Diet-to-Go was different.

So we tried.  They sent us a week’s worth of meals.

Now I am only going to give an overview here for a whole bunch of reasons. I’m not a chef, I am not a nutritionist, and taste is a matter of choice and different in each person. But the simple truth is, overall, that the food taste good.  Don’t be thrown off by my use of the word overall.  I did not choose these foods, I was sent a wide variety of choices so when you order, you can be as specific as you like.  The usual taste-load of spicy-ness was not present, as is the case in many of these-type meals, and the portions were as filling as one would hope. Certainly better than if I prepared them myself.

I did not try this as an entire ‘diet’ plan as is needed, but did lose a little weight and I did not have it for any real length of time. The food taste good; is reasonably priced; and if you are one who battles the ‘weight thing’ all the time—this might be worth a try.  And today on Cyber Monday….they have a great sale going on.  Normally this is the type of thing one thinks of in January but the sale made it seem worth a mention today on Cyber Monday.
Try it….you shoudl like it.
I am a DiabetesDad.
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Disclaimer: in return for the meals sent to me, I agreed to write an article.  Weight loss and having diabetes are two distinct different subjects.  Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease whereas the body attacks itself destroying the insulin producing beta-cells; type 2 diabetes is the amount of insulin a body produces vs. the amount of insulin a body needs–which is altered and results in the body not receiving enough insulin resulting in use of medication and/or additional insulin; in some case this may be impacted by body weight.

Inside look at the Macy’s Parade…….Not Too Unlike……Well, US!

macys-paradeWell tomorrow is Thanksgiving……one of my favorite holidays.  Clearly one of the most famous parades in the world will begin their march from uptown to downtown delighting the faces of millions of children and even a few adults at the same time.

For years I had the honor and the privilege to having but one job in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…….to get those huge balloons from start to finish.  Leaving my house at 3:30 am and driving to New York where there was an incredible electricity of excitement behind the scenes.  Thousands of volunteers and tens of thousands of man hours to make a complexity of activity flow seamlessly for the parade watchers both along the route and at home on their televisions.

We all trained for some time with those giant balloons.  A Pilot, 2 co-Pilots, a Captain, 2 co-Captains, 2 vehicles with a crew of 4 on each, two NYC Police Officers and even up to 70+ handlers all for just one balloon.  Getting ready in our white or black jumpsuits there are many high-fives and biddings of ‘Good Flight’ as we all make our way uptown to the upper East Side.  “Good Flight” is where the team works together for a successful trip through the entire parade route until the balloons are put away for next year.

The timing is crucial, and we are all connected via headsets as communication is key. Wind velocity with gusts are measured throughout and especially at every open cross street, obstacles are constantly being avoided (Street lamps have all been turned away to help), and away we go.  Launched……and all of those faces. It is a feeling of huge success when our job is completed and the balloons are all packed away.  Hours and hours of preparation—for a two-hour march.

It is all of those incredibly smiling faces that make it all worth it.  From fingers pointing to gasps, the faces of the children are just amazing.  One giant team to benefit all those kids.  I guess when you think about it—-not too unlike our wonderful diabetes community.  One big giant team to benefit so many.  There is so much to be thankful for during this holiday, my list is long and my heart is full.  Thank you to all of you who do so much to make this world a better place.

And on Friday, the diabetes community will all be back it again…..trying to make a difference because that is what we do.  Back at it.  “Good Flight” to all, and a most joyous and peaceful Thanksgiving to everyone.
I am a DiabetesDad.
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DO YOU WANT to Make a Child’s Face Surprised…..Read Here to Find Out How!

santa-boySanta needs helpers this year.  Within the next few days, a Santa letter writing campaign will be announced by the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation.  People request letters, PERSONAL letters, from Santa to their child.  Perhaps Santa will mention what they want for Christmas, or the name of their pet, or even that a child is doing well while managing their diabetes.  All personal.

Well Santa needs elves to help write these letters.  Marie is the head elf and she coordinates this great campaign each year and she will explain the program.   It’s simple and you will feel so good knowing what a child’s face will look like.  What Elf Marie needs from you, is just the willingness to respond back within 24 hours with a completed letter to a child; you are given what is needed…..Elf Marie will teach you everything you need to know…’s easy….you just need to be able to get the letter done within 24 hours.  You will FEEL SO GOOD doing these letters.

If you want to help, please email me at and write in the subject line Santa’s Elf; and I will pass along to Elf Marie who will reach out to you with further instructions.
Thank you for caring.
I am a DiabetesDad.
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Hey, Can Your HS/College Kids Help the DRI Get $10,000?

halo-ice-creamNow I tried Halo, my daughter tried Halo Ice Cream, it’s a great tasting and pretty good nutrient value; and Kaitlyn informs me that her blood sugars did not spike when eating it.  So, not bad….in fact pretty good.  But of course, it’s different in each person as you well know.

Here’s the deal.  Halo Ice Cream will give $1.00 per Instagram hashtag
#RaiseYourSpoon.  Now, in case you are not a fan of this deal, I can assure you that it is the real deal.  So if you want to help us reach the $10,000 donation from Halo, here is what you do……grab a cool picture and go to INSTAGRAM, and hashtag it
#RaiseYourSpoon….for each hashtag on Instagram, the DRI will receive $1.00 up to 10 thousand dollars.  So ask your high school and college aged-kids to go to Instagram and hashtag a photo #RaiseYourSpoon.

If they/you do not have a picture, use the one here.  This is November, Diabetes Awareness Month……why not help raise money without having to give a penny, post the hashtag #RaiseYourSpoon on a photo in Instagram and help us get to our goal of 10,000 hashtags which will translate into $10,000 to the important research being done at the DRI for a biological cure.

This is easy.  So help spread the word and help the DRI to receive $10,000 from Halo Creamery.  But remember to hashtag #RaiseYourSpoon on anything posted.  Share with your college kids and high school kids and ask them to share with their friends. They can share on FB and Twitter but the hashtag ONLY counts on Instagram.
Thank you.
I am a DiabetesDad.
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Fair disclosure—as most know already, I’m an employee of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation.

On This World Diabetes Day……I Think……of You!

birthday-cakeWhen Lou Gehrig retired from baseball he said, in his farewell speech, that he was probably one of the luckiest men on earth…..I know the feeling.  Not because of diabetes, I wish that was not in the factoring at all but in a way it is.  What is in the factoring……is YOU.

If I attempted to name the so many people who have taught me, showed me, challenged me, and above all; enriched my life since beginning this journey–undoubtedly I would miss someone so I will not attempt it.  But that does not mean I think of so many on this day because I do.  It’s not because of diabetes we met, it is because YOU CHOSE not to accept the roadblock given to you.  There are millions of people with diabetes who I will never meet, but my life has been so blessed with people who have decided to just, ‘don’t do nothing’ that our lives HAVE BECOME entwined.

Because you chose to advocate, learn, share, give, take, and live by the rule that ‘diabetes just will not do’ in your life that our paths have crossed and I’m one lucky man for knowing you.

November 14th, the birth date for Dr. Frederick Banting who discovered insulin, and is recognized as World Diabetes Day is indeed, today.  My celebration will never be about diabetes, I hate it and want it eradicated.  I WILL, however, celebrate the lives of my children who live everyday to full gusto even with diabetes.  I WILL, however, celebrate each and every one of you who have blessed my life in this journey.  I WILL, however, celebrate all off those working daily to making a difference for those with diabetes to live better managed lives and hopefully a day when it will be cured.

That is World Diabetes Dad to me and I thank each of you for being part, any part, of this journey with us.
I am a DiabetesDad.
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