If Diabetes was Personified, What would it LOOK LIKE…….to You?

darth vader IIDid you ever wonder what diabetes would look like and sound like if it was personified? Would it be a raging monster with fire coming out of its nose?  Would it be a person who looks sweet enough to invite in and then devours everything in sight?  Would it be a kicking, screaming little kid that you just can’t quiet no matter how hard you try?  What do you think diabetes would look like?

For some reason I have always felt that diabetes had a voice like James Earl Jones.  I don’t know that I actually envisioned what diabetes looked like; just that it sounded like the great actor with the booming voice.  I’m not sure why that is, but when James Earl Jones speaks, one is surely inclined to listen.  And to listen to every word.  He demands that respect.  When diabetes ‘has something to say’, do we not do the same?

I’m sure James will not be happy with me that I gave his voice over to the personification of a disease-state.  But imagine what your day would sound like if you woke up in the morning and you heard THAT voice inform you, (now picture James talking to you) “I took over your child’s night and I kept them up with my unyielding desire to keep blood sugars out of control.”  Couldn’t you almost picture that voice?  Maybe my thought is reinforced with the notion that James is also the voice that played such evil as Darth Vader….that kind of makes sense also….doesn’t it; diabetes and the ‘dark side’?

Here is the thing.  James Earl Jones is one of my favorite actors.  His speech about baseball in Field of Dreams is a classic and one of my favorite cinematic memories of all times.  And what bothers me most about my envisioning of diabetes having that voice, is no matter how great I may think it is, no matter how booming and intense it could be; if it was diabetes—I would still want it to shut up and go away.

Because even the greatness, and my fondness, of the great James Earl Jones would not make me like diabetes for even one second.  Maybe I’ll just go back to picturing diabetes with horns and flame-throwing voice, aggravating, screeching, and annoying character…….diabetes is not good enough for James Earl Jones….he deserves better, and in reality……..don’t we?

I am a DiabetesDad.
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Join Us Tomorrow and Learn How You Just Might Save a Life.

Save a child's lifeThis is copied directly from the DPAC website page—–if, and I mean IF, I am considered an expert in any way, it is ONLY from working with so many of you who have done so much.
If You are interested in finding out what you might do in your state…..join us tomorrow (12 noon Eastern Time—link is below) and learn how you may save the life of those with the missed diagnosis of diabetes.  Thank you to diabetes megastars Benet Dunlap and Christel Aprigliano; for asking me to join you in this incredible initiative.

Ask An Expert: Tom Karlya – How to ROCK State Diabetes Advocacy

Tom “Diabetes Dad” Karlya joins DPAC to share the success of Reegan’s Rule in North DPAC_ASKanEXPERT_TomK RegCarolina as a precedent for other states.

Why we’re excited.

Tom knows that advocacy happens when people act and where they act. He will share the heartbreak that drove the creation of Reagan’s Rule and how we can honor the children who have been lost to a lack of a timely diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes by working with our state legislatures.

Children with Type 1 diabetes are being missed; their symptoms are dismissed as flu/virus initially; causing extended hospital stays, enormous loss of workdays, incredible family hardship and in some instances, severe brain damage and death in children needlessly.

Learn what has worked.

Join Tom Karlya and DPAC on April 28 at 12pm Eastern by registering here.

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A Crucial Issue That You Should Know About….Read, Share, and Follow THIS Issue.

Strip SafetyOver the last few days I have been at the American Association of Diabetes Educators Conference in Philadelphia.

I have been coming to this conference for years.  It is great to meet up with those who support the DRI in so many different ways and to meet colleagues who are deep into the fight for PWDs and their caretakers.  I have written many times how crucial the diabetes educator is as we navigate the diabetes obstacle course.

It is an education to meet so many educators who are also here and listen; to learn and to share.  It is an atmosphere that is always filled with many new things being added to the diabetes landscape.  Positive things.

This year was different.

It was certainly great to see so many people who I only see a few times a year but this year there was a new guest at this conference and it was “I Just Don’t Know.”

Never before do I remember so many issues that face us as parents, that face those with diabetes, that have me concerned as I am now.   The profile of our healthcare world is heading to an area that will impact us in ways that has not been seen before.  I’m not trying to alarm anyone but I highly suggest you stay informed.  To those asked, the response was the same many times, “we just don’t know”.

Three different diabetes educators shared that their hospital was cutting back and the diabetes program was at the top of the list to be cut. What?  It amazes me that with so many people impacted by diabetes that this would even be a thought and all three said the same thing; there is no money allocated to education.  Financial concerns for diabetes is at an all time high.

Another issue, which is turning out to be a big issue, is the accuracy of test strips.  A very detailed explanation made shorter is this: the cost of strips is based on the price that Medicaid and medicare will pay for reimbursement which has just been set at an all time low.  One would think that is good news because it should translate that the bigger companies would just drop their cost to match that number, right?  Well not necessarily  because the companies that the government chooses to supply the strips is based on cost.  So if a supply company overseas, that has much less accuracy standards is chosen, and the FDA chooses not to make sure the standards of accuracy are met; we may have a real problem.

Bennet Dunlap, a d-dad, is about as straight-shooter you will ever meet.  He is incredibly passionate and it takes much to see Bennet concerned; and Bennet is concerned over this issue, very concerned. And so are many of us.  PLEASE join his site and stay informed.  This is an issue that is evolving as we speak and Bennet and many others of our good friends in the diabetes community are going to fight this, and fight it hard.  Click here and join his Strip Safely site.  Also make sure you click the ‘issue’ tab after you join so you can read in more detail what I have touched upon here.

There are many issues in the heath care world that are changing.  I heard it so many times this week that the diabetes world of next year will be vastly different from the one from this year.  Again not to scare anyone but to implore you to stay educated.  Read. Learn. And for goodness sake if action is needed and people will inform you as to when and how, please take it.

We may very well be the only controller of our collective fates; we need to be educated, armed, and ready as we come to this cross-road.

I am a diabetesdad

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WOW!!!! J&J’s Animas Submits for US FDA Approval for the Vibe—reports Two Top DA’s

Animas VibeTwo very popular members of the Diabetes Advocates are reporting news that many of us have been waiting for some time to hear……..like two years.

I just read about the fact that the folks from J&J’s Animas have finally submitted for the FDA approval process here in the USA from Bennet Dunlap, a huge follower and ‘sharer’ of crucial diabetes information.

Bennet, a diabetes dad as well, shared the following information on a FB post:

Shortly thereafter Michael Hoskins added that the folks of Diabetes Mine have also written about it and you can read that ‘News Flash’ article here.

This is great news that we all have been waiting for and I thank Michael and Bennet for sharing the information.  Seems there is still no timing on when the FDA will approve but for now, at least, the process is started and in the hands of the FDA, and that surely is a good start.

I am a diabetes dad.

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