Who is the Hero Brother or Sister in Your House?????

HeroesHit reply on this post and tell us in one sentence why the sibling of your child with diabetes is a hero.  No voting on what is the best answer…..they ALL ARE THE BEST ANSWER.

So here we go; tell us what makes your child with diabetes’ sister or brother so FABULOUS…….and they surely are.

Please use first names and ages only.

I am a diabetes dad.

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PLEASE Reply and Let Ben Know How Great He Is……..In a Research Trial at THIS MOMENT!!!!!

Hero Young ManThis is Ben.  Right now he is enrolled in a clinical trial to help others, like himself, who battle diabetes. 

He is doing this trial as YOU READ THIS ARTICLE.

He could be playing somewhere.  He could be watching TV.  He could also not be hooked up to medical equipment at this very moment.   You can see by his face that he is okay where he is.  He is amazing and his mon wrote on her page, today. “….. we chose to ‘Don’t do Nothing’…..”

I cried when I read that as so many know that is my mantra, to ‘Don’t do Nothing’.

Ben you ARE ABSOLUTELY  DIabetes  Dad’s hero of the week.

Please reply to this blog and let Ben know how great he is for doing this artificial pancreas trial.

GO Ben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a diabetes dad.

Sunday dHero—This Story Will Truly Make You Shutter

My Sunday dHero is AJ and his is one of the most tragic and negative-turned-positve stories you will ever read.  My dear friend Moira wrote about it completely and I will not take it away from her.  I warn you; if you read this, your life will change.


A Sibling Making a Difference…..Today’s Sunday Hero

No one knows how hard it is to be a sibling of a child with diabetes.  No matter how hard we, as parents, try to balance the playing field our child(ren) with diabetes demand so much more attention.

But we certainly try, don’t we parents.  My Sunday Hero is Jonathan.  Jonathan is a Senior at his high school in Florida and he created a program where siblings can make a difference too.

Jonathan’s “End Zone” is for siblings to run an event and ‘not just do nothing”.  Jonathan and his family are very active in diabetes causes and Jonathan spent his summer volunteering in the local office of the diabetes organization they support. 

It takes a lot for a teenager to give up their time.  It is crystal clear that Jonathan is not only dedicated to curing diabetes but it is quite clear of the love he has for his sister.  That is not only commendable; it is downright inspiring.  Taka  a bow Jonathan, you are Diabetesdad’s Sunday Hero.

Do you know  a Hero?  A child with or without diabetes who is trying to make a difference?  Reply to this post and I would love to feature them here…..in my Sunday Hero.  Kids are amazing and kids with diabetes…..are still just kids. 

Happy Sunday…..I am a Diabetesdad.





Is your Child a Daily dHero?

Our Kids.

Wow the things they do.  The things they put up with every day.  Whether they have diabetes or they do not have diabetes; the fact that diabetes is in our households makes them live each and every day in a way that no one will understand but us; their parents.  The new norm as they say.

One of my Diabetesdad articles I wrote a while back was called “life with an asterisk”.  It is exactly the phrase that our children live with every day.  They are more resilient than we, they are more afraid than we, but still they go on.  And some go on VERY STRONGLY!

So I have decided that my Sunday blogs will be dedicated to highlighting a child up to grade 12 that has diabetes in their household (siblings also; absolutely).  Sunday should be a family day and my Daily dHero will start next week.  I will only mention the first name of the child and the state they live in just to keep it very safe. And I will highlight why they are a Daily dHero.

Our kids are special.  Tell me why your child should be considered by replying to this post; none of the replies will be made public.  Highlight what they do that is special at home, at school, or in their community.  Anything that they do despite/in spite/with their diabetes.   Make sure you include what state you live in, and when diabetes entered your household.  Remember–siblings will be highlighted also. If I chose your child to be highlighted, I will email you for a picture or I will take it from your FB page.

As we say at Children with Diabetes; kids with diabetes are still just kids.  But they are special, so let me know.  I am a Diabetesdad.